This Week In Deliciousness: Fun Abroad, Bummer At Home

Welcome back to the weekly roundup here at Eating...Our Words, where fall is finally here and we can go outside again, except OH NO WAIT, everything's made of mosquitoes and allergens. Right around the time the weather gets nice enough to roll down the window of your car, the pleasant air coming in is actually a jet-spray of pollen. There's no winning in life.

We started the week off right by taking a trip to lovely Washington D. C., the capital of our great nation, and headquarters of what's promising to be a level-headed, reasonable election cycle. As long as we're agreed that the other guy is a demon-born heretic and the nation will burn if he's elected in November.

We were traveling all over this week, not only sneaking over the fence to steal a few veggies out of the White House garden -- IT'S FOR THE PEOPLE, DAMMIT -- but also trekking all the way out to Napa Valley in California. What's out there, you ask? Wine. Lots and lots of wine. Cool place.

The big local story of the week, however, wasn't pretty: Washington Avenue staple The Broken Spoke burned down Monday afternoon, in what we hope is the last of a string of misfortunes the restaurant has suffered recently. Owner Roy de la Garza spoke to us of his plans for the future, and we wish him the best of luck.

In happier news -- FAT: It's awesome. And, it turns out, not really all that bad for you in moderation. Moderation as a concept, however, was shot to hell this week when football season started, and not surprisingly; "moderation" has always been a flimsy concept, capable of suffering massive defeat from only a single nacho.

Cuchara seems to be getting a strong start out of the gate, despite being very nearly named after a cockroach-themed ditty which is literally the only Spanish-language song most gringos know. And don't give me "Guantanamera"; most people in my family still sing it as "One-Ton Tomato." Yes, that's a real thing that people do.

We had a look at 5 products whose packaging is better than the product itself, and we missed one: Red Baron pizza. He's just so damnably dashing.

We found a hidden gem in some soup at the Jade Stone Cafe...not literally, of course; including actual gems in one's soup could be quite actionable, were the gem to be swallowed.

Finally, head behind the scenes with us at the Iron Sommelier Competition, because why not?

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