This Week in Deliciousness: Grafe-A-Tie?

Welcome back to the weekly wrap-up here at Eating...Our Words, where we're down to the worst of the leftover candy that didn't get handed out to trick-or-treaters. The generic Tootsie Rolls, the weird butterscotch saltwater taffy, the syrup-filled fruit pieces... our teeth hurt and our stomachs protest, but we will not stop eating until it's all gone, because WE DO NOT WASTE CANDY.

We started the week off questionably with a look at the newly opened but long since controversial Heights Walmart. Hooray, they sell two local beers! Everybody give 'em a cookie!

After a visit to some election-themed cookies that would have seemed a whole lot less tiring a few months ago, we drove all the way out to Katy to check on an Indian buffet that didn't suck. Buffets that don't suck are the best of both worlds: good-quality food, in never-ending quantities. Bring a shovel.

Steak nights can be uneven, probably the main downside to serving a ton of relatively cheap steak along with the booze. Store-made pizza dough can be uneven, too, but sometimes it works out in your favor. That's pretty much the nature of unevenness. Hi there, I'm a repetitive douche.

Hearty fall and winter meals are on the menu at one of our favorite Heights hotspots, and even deeper change is in the air in Montrose, where Ziggy's has become gratifi. Please leave a comment if you know how that's pronounced. Does it rhyme with "graffiti" or "gratify?"

Can swanky downtown joints get away with perhaps a bit of price-inflating? The answer appears to be "yes," as long as you're in the rare location where higher prices attracts more people rather than drives them away. For us common scum, there are always more sensible places and events, like the successful BeerFeast or the laid-back Double Trouble, with its well-made and potent yet not-at-all-expensive cocktails. Plus is there anywhere cooler to hang out than the Island on Main? The answer is no.

Finally, we wrap up with a pair of top tens for your weekend perusal: the ten best restaurants in the East End, and the ten best places to get some vegan chow.

Have a great week, and go vote. Uggghh, I know, I hate myself, but go do it and then we'll just move on and forget about this.

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