This Week in Deliciousness: Hasta La Vista, Propane

Welcome back to the weekly roundup here at Eating Our Words, where we're already developing an exercise plan to help compensate for all the eating of feelings we'll be doing this fall. Because we try to be optimistic, but let's face it, it's football season and we are Houston. I'm not saying don't support your teams, not at all, I'm just saying... plan ahead.

We started the week off right with a look at some tasty Ethiopian food, but things took a turn pretty quickly with the continued resistance to food trucks from certain members of our City Council, who are convinced that they represent a clear and present danger to the safety of Houstonians, what with those propane tanks just waiting to be hit by bazooka rounds and other stuff that happens in Arnold Schwarzenegger movies. So we must have these restrictions on our food trucks in Houston because we're all too scared of Al-Qaeda. So basically... the terrorists won. Good to know, City Council.

While select City Council members went looking for a matronly bosom to sob into, we updated our list of the ten best restaurants in Montrose. It was quietly accepted by the populace at large and has resulted in no disputes whatsoever. We also listed fried foods we're sorry we missed at the rained-out State Fair, including fried bubblegum. It doesn't take seven years to digest, but it does take approximately that much time off your life span.

It's October at long last, following a summer that lasted approximately eight bastard years. Not only is it time to be working pumpkin into everything you eat, but we're also rolling out our Halloween lists, starting with our five favorite seasonal Halloween candies. Conspicuously missing from that list: Peeps Zombies. No, really: why aren't there Peeps Zombies? How the hell does this not exist yet? They'd certainly be better than these bottom five candy-bag fillers.

Guess what? The wine shipping rules in Texas are really dumb. So if you had a food truck at the State Fair that sold fried wine, you kinda got triple-screwed this week.

We introduced ourselves to a couple of "new" places this week: one that was actually new, and one that we just hadn't gotten around to checking out. It happens sometimes, nobody needs to feel bad about it.

We took a look at five unusual chili ingredients. You'll notice that beans aren't included; this is because, as a chili ingredient, beans are not that unusual. They're just shitty.

Not shitty: These pizza joints! Listen, if there's a Best Segueing Award anywhere, ever, just keep me in mind, okay?

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