This Week in Deliciousness: Hatch Chiles, Booze and That One Song

Welcome back to the weekly roundup here at Eating...Our Words, where we're working hard every day coming up with innovative ways to beat scurvy and passing the drunkenness on to you. Don't thank us; booze-infused fruit is its own reward.

We started the week off right by reaching number one in our Ten Lobster Dishes to Try in Houston countdown. Ten tasty iterations of one horrid-looking critter. Off to Wikipedia to find out what lunatic first saw a lobster and thought it might be edible.

Teaching yourself to cook is a pain because your teacher is a total amateur, so why not try some cooking classes? Get a head start in figuring out how badly you've been overcooking pasta all your life.

We try to follow up on our reviews to see how restaurants hold up over time, and sometimes we're richly rewarded, as in the case of Down House. Some places just keep up the quality no matter what.

Can you spare a week or two at the end of September? Well then, you might want to take a short class about beer at Rice University. They won't tell you how wines get their color, though; that would have to be a different class. Or maybe they'll know anyway. You should ask.

It's always a good time for some sammiches, especially with football season about to start. Why do sandwiches and wings go so well with football? You could ask professional tailgaters the Raging Bulls; if they don't know, they'll at least feed you enough Battle Red Kool-Aid to make you stop caring.

Places like Bombay Pizza keep downtown from becoming a completely depressing ghost town after dark, so we should be grateful for them and keep visiting them and then one day maybe downtown Houston will have people enjoying it even after midnight like a grown-up big-boy city.

"Weird but tasty" isn't just my online dating profile: It also describes Monica Pope's new venture Sparrow, which both serves unusual gourmet dishes and prominently features repurposed farm equipment as furniture.

Got a song stuck in your head? Except it's not a song but a dish you saw on TV somewhere and need to know what it is? There's an app for that, it turns out, so you don't have to be driven batshit crazy by your own brain the way you would if you were trying to figure out who sang that one song and all you could think of was the part that goes "Oh-oh-ohhhh, whoa-whoa-oh-oh-ohhhh." (It's "Things Can Only Get Better" by Howard Jones.)

Finally, we've reached the time of year when everyone keeps talking about Hatch chiles, so you're going to be reading about them, I guess. If you want. It's none of my business.

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