This Week in Deliciousness: How the Hell Did We All Become Allergic to Food?

Welcome back to the weekly roundup here at Eating...Our Words, where we're lobbying for Texas to move to a mimosa-based economy. Basically, 50 mimosas would be worth a dollar. Somebody better lock down this public transportation thing and soon.

We started the week off right with a look at Oxheart, which is either Houston's hottest new restaurant or a legendary, barrel-chested Celtic warrior. We foresee great things from this place/person once they/he firmly establish an identity/obtains the sacred sword Ygrifenwy from the Cairnywyn bog demon.

Are you one of those people who like a ton of crunchy shit in their bread, like you accidentally dropped it buttered-side down on the driveway? You should probably look into sprouted grain bread, then, and also toothpicks.

Galveston's Strand has been struggling to get back on its feet ever since Hurricane Ike kicked it over, but one encouraging sign is the presence of craft brewery the Brews Brothers, who very graciously do not fire off shotguns filled with rock salt into the faces of pig-ignorant tourists asking for Miller Lite in a craft brewery. Good Lord, people. That's like going to Killen's Steakhouse and ordering a Big Mac.

Avocados have a whole lot of versatile uses, which sucks, because I'm pretty sure I have a food allergy to them, or else a coincidental stomach bug that strikes every time I eat some. At least avocado is bright-green and distinctive so that cooks have a hard time sneaking it into the things I eat, which is a pain people who suffer from more subtle food allergies have to deal with. If you say you're not using gluten, don't use it. It's really not that hard, and even if it was, tough tomato, foodslinger. Nobody needs to go to the hospital because you're feeling petulant.

Oh My, Pocket Pies seem like just the thing to hit the spot on those mornings when you miss breakfast, and if I may make one small recommendation: Find some way to pocketize the Popeye from Jus' Mac. Because that would be amazeballs, I'm sure of it.

Just throwing everything into a bowl and cooking it is one of my favorite ways to eat, and here are five legitimate ways to do exactly that. Of course, heading out and letting someone else painstakingly create a bunch of different courses can be just as good. Whichever cuts down on the work on my end the most is the odds-on favorite.

Father's Day is coming up, and you've still got time to run out and grab a few things or at least order them online and show Dad the receipt. Dad knows you're a screw-up, he won't mind.

What is Hubcap Grill owner Ricky Craig up to? We're not sure yet, but we've got some speculation. I can't think of a funnier tag on this than commenter Wyatt's: "Crossing my fingers for opium den that serves sliders." Burgers, my figurative opiate, served with actual opium? Oh dear. I'd wind up croaked like Johnny Depp at the end of From Hell. Uh, spoilers.

Newcomers Doshi House Cafe seem like they're putting together a neat little place down in Third Ward, so stop by when you get a chance. I loathe vegetarian stuff 90 percent of the time, but that panini does sound really good (cucumber aside). Seems like this might be a good place to take a date.

Finally, don't forget to check out this week's extensive coverage and nifty little infographics about Texas wine. Yet another thing we do well in Texas. God, it's good to be here.

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