This Week in Deliciousness: Stoners From Philly Obviously Don't Know How Patenting Works

Welcome back to the weekly roundup here at Eating...Our Words, where we're relieved that the election is over and we can finally stop talking about it and go back to our celebratory feasting / comfort eating in a newly rejuvenated / doomed world.

We started the week off right with a chat with that guy who speaks for all Mexicans unilaterally. Right? Is that...did we take the wrong understanding from this?

If you attended the recent Feast With the Beasts event, you most likely gorged on multiple examples of our city's finest food, and if you got there early, you may have even seen me frolicking with the red pandas before I was caught and thrown out. I'm not responsible for myself when I see something that cuddly, okay? No one is.

Philly-style poutine is a thing now, which...this recently? People have been getting stoned for years, and we're just now cracking this one? It seems like of all the many, many permutations which have been invented by stoners, that might have been one of the first. Disappointing, but better late than never.

We compared some vegetarian Indian wraps, then delved even further into meatless mystery with a look at an increasingly vegan Third Ward. Finally, we wondered: Why don't more craft beer bars cater to vegetarians? Beer is usually vegetarian, after all, with the notable exception of esoteric craft brews like Unrepentant Fenian Blackguard Brewery's Dreadful Haggis Stout or the even less popular Insolent Shitheel Liver 'N' Onions Double IPA. You thought Arrogant Bastard brews were rough, wait 'til you wrap your lips around an Insolent Shitheel.

Speaking of booze, don't forget to celebrate Houston Beer Week at The Draft, an upcoming event benefiting the Friday Harbour charity. There will be local and national craft beers, all flavorful and chilly and delicious and arriving almost exactly two months after yours truly quit drinking. Hooray!

Finally, we rounded out the week with the ten best fooderies in the Galleria, and an antidote to the meatlessness earlier in the week: Houston's ten best steakhouses. Dead things are so very tasty.

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Join the Press community and help support independent local journalism in Houston.