Russell at "Eat More Burgers" isn't impressed with Brasserie 19's burger, except perhaps by the price tag.
Russell at "Eat More Burgers" isn't impressed with Brasserie 19's burger, except perhaps by the price tag.
Photo by Troy Fields

This Week in Food Blogs: $14 for a Burger Is No Guarantee of Greatness

This week, we're welcoming a few blogs that are new to the rotation. First up is the Beckijuice blog. Becki is a yoga instructor and is pursuing a registered dietician certification. She recently went to Brazil and while the never-ending meat and starch parade got to be a bit much (I know exactly what she means), there were some healthier, fresh foods to be found. These included "tapioca flour fried into the most amazing chips, fresh papaya, passion fruit caipirinhas, fresh coconuts and acai bowls" as well as a coconut milk-based fish stew with tomatoes and onions called moqueca. Check out the photos and recipe.

We're also getting acquainted with the Houston Fed blog, written by a New York-born Texas convert. In his latest post, he and his wife visit Tipico Café in Humble. It's humble all right -- it's located in a strip mall. His descriptions of the Latin fusion fare are drool-worthy, such as the arroz con gandules, or rice with roast pork, as being "[beautifully] roasted with melting fat and balancing just on the edge of too salty." Despite menu idiosyncrasies, Tipico Café is deemed a winner.

Blue Jean Gourmet is back with a new post--a sobering, profound one that is likely to leave tears in your eyes. The term "comfort food" is thrown around a lot, but it is never more accurate when applied to a dish given to a grieving family. Nishta's observations on the functionality of faith during times of bereavement are poignantly wrapped around an eggplant lentil stew recipe.

Russell at "Eat More Burgers" has started something called "Burger Buddy Adventures" Basically, he grabs a couple of friends and they go out for burgers on the weekend. Their first visit is to Brasserie 19 at 1962 West Gray. Despite a beauty queen of a burger, a flavorless, fluffy brioche bun and bland meat patty leaves Russell unimpressed.

Greg Morago at the Houston Chronicle has a scoop on a chef who's kept a low profile for a while. David Grossman is best known for his work at Branch Water Tavern, which closed at the beginning of 2013. Since then, he's worked on Fusion Taco, a venture he co-owns downtown. Morago reports that Grossman is helping new next-door neighbor Henke & Pillot, 809 Congress, with its menu. Some of the selections seem to have ties to favorites from the Branchwater bar menu: fried oysters, roasted bone marrow and thick fries made from Kennebec potatoes. We're not complaining.

We hope you keep up with The Pancake Princess blog, because if you did you had a chance to win tickets to Menu of Menus Even if you missed out on that, it's never too late to check out her innovative recipe for quinoa tortillas. Once you've got those made, you can use them to make breakfast enchiladas. Check out the lovely, step-by-step photos.

That's it for our roundup of our fair city's bloggers this week. As always, if you know of one that should be featured, leave a comment below or holler at us.

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