This Week in Food Blogs: 20 Things Everyone Thinks About Houston (But Won't Say)

From the Gutt: Riffing on last week's post from First We Feast which listed 20 things "everyone thinks about the food world (but nobody will say)" is local blogger Tom Gutting, who normally writes about wine but has now made me wish he'd write about other food-related topics with much more regularity. Gutting's post — 20 Things Everyone Thinks About Houston Food (But Nobody Will Say) — had everyone talking on Twitter earlier this week with its introspective and honest look at the growing pains, wrong directions, unspoken truths and unfairly ignored issues — things which need to be addressed if Houston truly wants to grow as a culinary destination. You may not agree with everything on Gutting's list — I certainly didn't — but it's the best and most thought-provoking read to come out of the Houston food blogging scene in a very long time.

Eater Houston: In sad news, Eater Houston reports that Midtown seafood hotspot Reef has suffered from a series of break-ins and robberies over the past few weeks. Owner and chef Bryan Caswell Tweeted out a series of pictures and remarks after the last incident on Monday night, and was quick to thank the neighbors who spotted the thieves and called police. The suspects have been arrested.

Urban Swank: Can a place called It's Just Good Breakfast & Soulfood actually live up to such a name? According to the Urban Swank girls, yes, despite not being "the poster child for a traditional soul food restaurant." I want to check it out for the fine-looking pork chops and pancakes alone.

Arbitrary Criticism: After a depressing absence spent in Waco, Catherine Martin has returned to blogging. Thank God. This week's target: Luigi's Pizzeria, which Martin found herself enjoying despite "currently working in a pizza restaurant," having worked in three other pizza restaurants since she was 17 years old and generally being tired of hearing about/seeing/smelling pizza.

Commercial Free Cocktail: In other happy returns, Alex Gregg is back to blogging after a hiatus spent getting the bar at The Pass & Provisions up and running. Gregg is currently the bar manager — a job he shares with fellow bartender Sebastian Nahapetien — and his latest post spotlights the cocktails the two developed for the current menu.

Hank on Food: Finally, it's always fun to read about an old favorite through new eyes. This week, Hank visits Kata Robata for the first time and finds that "Kata Robata is for real, it's not just hype and they have earned all the praise and awards they've gotten over the past couple of years."

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