The Korean-style fried chicken at Dak & Bop (1801 Binz) is among those featured in Zagat Houston's roundup.
The Korean-style fried chicken at Dak & Bop (1801 Binz) is among those featured in Zagat Houston's roundup.
Photo by Mai Pham

This Week in Food Blogs: A Fried Chicken Roundup

Tag Sale Tastes wins the creativity prize for its pun-filled, divinely-inspired recipe for shepherd's pie. That's right: it's inspired by a poster of the most famous Shepherd of all. Is it sacrilege or sagacity? Only you can decide. Either way, the end result is likely to be tasty.

Brunch & Conversation goes to Ruggles Black, 3963 Kirby, and decides that, while the restaurant is a little hard to find, the "simple, modern and hip" environment is enjoyable. They like the Tandoori Chicken pizza, too.

We've had our eye on this forthcoming blog for more than a month now. Two Girls Taste Texas has finally made their introductory post. We look forward to reading more from these two veterans in the future.

Clark Cooper Concepts, the company behind Coppa Osteria, Punk's Simple Southern Food and more has rolled out a coffee truck. It's called Mobile Mug and debuted at the Houston Marathon a little over a week ago. Greg Morago at the Houston Chronicle has the details.

A longtime Houston favorite establishment is suing another restaurant that just opened a few months ago. Hugo's is suing Hugo Caliente, saying the similarity in names is causing confusion in the marketplace. Is this a real issue or is it a case of David vs Goliath? Read Culturemap Houston's article to learn more about the case.

Fried chicken is the hottest menu item in Houston. Restaurants that haven't had it before are adding it. Others are hosting once-a-week or monthly fried chicken feasts. Others are new places that specialize in variations from buttermilk marinated to New York-style Korean. Zagat Houston has a roundup of where to go for your fried chicken fix.

That's it for This Week In Food Blogs! If you know of a Houston-focused blog we should feature, leave a comment or shoot us an email. See you next week!

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