This Week in Food Blogs: A Stark Look at Katsuya and Wine's Greatest Hoax

ROFL House: Been wondering how the sushi is at ultra-luxe L.A. import Katsuya by Starck? Matt took a first look at the West Ave restaurant and came away -- shall we say -- less than impressed with both the service and the food, saying: "I've had better spicy tuna with more spice and more flavor from H-E-B."

Homesick Texan: What's a girl to do when one of her favorite restaurants suddenly closes? If that girl is Lisa Fain, cookbook author and food blogger extraordinaire, she sets about immediately trying to replicate her favorite dish -- the enchiladas verdes at Amalia's -- before her last sensory memories of its flavors and smells are lost to time too.

Lushtastic: As I watched the Twitter updates roll in from Jonathan Jones's recent beer dinner at his new restaurant, Concepción, I grew maddeningly envious of both the beers (paired with Jones's food by Kyle White) and the dishes. Luckily, Leslie was there to recount the heady meal in words and pictures so I can almost live vicariously through her.

The Ferm: Riffing on our many "listicles," blogger and frequent EOW commenter SirRon lists his three favorite pizza joints in town. His third choice may shock and terrify you.

Patty and David Said: I've never even heard of Sushi Wabi, but now I have to go and try the Lava Roll featured in one of Patty and David's recent posts: masago, kani, avocado and baked scallop with mayo on top. Yes please.

New York: Finally, a long read from New York magazine that's the food and wine equivalent of an Agatha Christie novel, recounting the biggest -- and possibly the most expensive -- rare wine hoax in history.

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Katharine Shilcutt