This Week in Food Blogs: Are You Ready for Thanksgiving?

Have you still not made your Thanksgiving dining plans? Hank on Food has prepared his own list of recommendations on where you can dine on Thanksgiving Day, including Kiran's (4100 Westheimer) unique melding of traditional dishes with Indian flavors. The Tandoori Turkey sounds really intriguing.

Are you cooking tomorrow? TM BBQ Blog posted two cooking lessons on video that will make you the favorite person in the house when you take the turkey to the table. Learn how to smoke a whole bird with Aaron Franklin of Franklin BBQ in Austin. If a whole turkey is too much, you'll appreciate Malcolm Reed's tutorial on how to prepare a bone-in turkey breast. (Reed has his own blog called, "How To BBQ Right.") There's also a link to a guide on how to carve a turkey.

Once Thanksgiving dinner is over, there's always that issue of what to do with the leftover turkey. Here's a great idea: make turkey phở! The "Honestly Yum" blog has a recipe that includes some really gorgeous photos. It sounds much more intriguing than the standard turkey sandwiches and salads.

Russell Weil has a post about The Shack (16602 Cypress Rosehill), the funky-casual burger mainstay in Cypress. The place maintains its reputation for having some of the best, most over-the-top burgers and Weil really goes for the gold. He orders the M-Burger with a spicy beef patty, Gruyère, green onions, lettuce and bacon, then adds a fried egg. It's this type of sloppy goodness that keeps The Shack's customers coming back.

If you're in The Woodlands, H-Town Chow Down has a line on a great Italian beef sandwich. Oddly enough, it's at at a pizza place--RC's NYC Pizza & Pasta at 501 Sawdust Road. You can get some atypical calamari there, too. Instead of being in rings, these are battered and fried slices taken from the flattened squid body aka "calamari steak." The result of this type of preparation is usually more tender than the traditional way.

Urban Swank has the lowdown on Dinner Lab, the new membership-based series of unique dining experiences across Houston. The meals are never held in restaurants, which adds to the sense of adventure, and diners are encouraged to give feedback to the chefs on the multi-course meals.

That's it for this week. Keep those Houston food blog suggestions coming and we'll consider including them in a future post. To submit a link, click the author's name at the top of the page and send an email. Happy Thanksgiving, everyone!

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