This Week in Food Blogs: Autumn Delights for Dining Out and at Home

Culturemap Houston: Marlene Gustin says that the whole fall pumpkin craze has gotten out of hand, but this issue is more about pumpkin spice-flavored treats with nary a hint of actual pumpkin. There's also a great roundup of ideas on how to get your pumpkin fix, whether it be toasted pumpkin seeds tossed with melted butter and salt (yum), Saint Arnold's Imperial Pumpkin Stout or desserts at Killen's Steakhouse, Dessert Gallery and Ooh La La. Gustin also links to a handy recipe for a do-it-yourself pumpkin spice mix.

Houston Chronicle Food: A repost from Melissa Clark of New York Times News Service includes a recipe that sounds like a must-try for a quiet evening at home: Mixed Grain Bowl With Kale, Kimchee and Egg. It includes both brown rice and quinoa. The recipe is included as part of a musing that rice bowls, once the purview of Asian cuisine, have gone mainstream, even showing up at fast food chains like Chipolte.

The Pancake Princess: Still in a cooking mood? Oh, good, because after you see this luxurious photo gallery of Mini Almond Butter and Jam Layer Cakes, you're going to want to make them at home. In honor of a fellow blogger getting married, she adapts a gluten-free recipe for mini chickpea/coconut flour cakes and layers them with almond butter, jam, and chocolate.

Eater Houston: Enough with the do-it-yourself stuff. Let's talk more about having someone else do the cooking for you. Fall in Houston is all too brief and it's a time when people need to get outside and enjoy the pleasant weather before becomes cold and rainy. This is a great opportunity for open air dining, so there's no reason to not patronize some of Houston's excellent food trucks. Jakeisha Wilmore at Eater Houston has compiled a helpful list that you might want to seek out.

Examiner Houston: In light of the imminent opening of the Italian restaurant Amalfi in Houston's Briargrove suburb, Mike Richetti provides a studious musing of what, exactly, constitutes "Northern Italian" cuisine. Is it a real thing or just a catchphrase? Read the post to find out.

My Table Sidedish: Paul's Kitchen has opened in the space formerly occupied by Randy Evans' Haven. What's the new place like? My Table editor and publisher Teresa Byrne-Dodge stopped by, noting that "all traces of Cove, chef Randy Evans and Philippe Gaston's edgy raw bar, have been erased." Byrne-Dodge goes on to provide an overview of how the space has changed and what Paul's Kitchen has on the menu.

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Join the Press community and help support independent local journalism in Houston.