This Week In Food Blogs: BevNaps and Designated Hipster Seating

Delicious Mischief: If you have been lucky enough to get your hands on some dewberries -- one of the great edible treats in the Texas summers -- radio host John DeMers has a great idea for what you should do with them... Make dewberry cobbler, of course.

Blue Jean Gourmet: Speaking of terrific Texas produce, okra is everywhere in the summer and there's more you can do with the vegetable besides fry it or throw it in gumbo. Try an Indian technique, like the one Nishta demonstrates on her blog, and stuff it with spices before pan-frying it.

Chili Bob's Houston Eats: Bruce checks out a new-to-him Indian spot in Missouri City, Chettinad Indian Cuisine, and enjoys a subset of Indian cuisine not often found in Houston. "It's another restaurant offering a regional cuisine; there are dishes from all over India but there is a slight emphasis on dishes from the Spice Coast state of Kerala and the Chettinad region of Tamil Nadu; the chef is from Kerala," he writes. "Chettinad cuisine is said by the Wikioracle to be among the spiciest and most aromatic of the regional cuisines of India and that was certainly true of the one Chettinad dish I'd encountered before (at Sankalp in Sugar Land)."

Hank On Food: There are so many new food trucks in Houston, it's hard to hit them all. I haven't been able to check out Kurbside Eatz yet, but Hank has. Unlike most "gourmet" food trucks, Kurbside often sets up shop outside the Loop, and Hank recently caught the truck near the Galleria.

Commercial Free Cocktail: Commercial Free isn't just the name of the cocktail night that bartender Alex Gregg hosts on Wednesdays at Grand Prize Bar -- it's also the name of his new blog. In his latest post, the bartender/photographer/all-around renaissance man writes on the importance and proper use of beverage napkins. Yes, BevNaps.

Arbitrary Criticism: Finally, in case you didn't know, there is designated seating at Empire Cafe in Montrose: normal people inside, hipsters on the patio. They don't need air conditioning anyway. It's too mainstream. Catherine Martin explains at her blog.

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