Are you a chicken and waffles kind of person or a catfish and grits one?
Are you a chicken and waffles kind of person or a catfish and grits one?
Photo by Kaitlin Steinberg

This Week in Food Blogs: Bloggers Check Out Amalfi and BRC Gastropub

We warned you last week that the brand new Two Girls Taste Texas blog was about to get rocking and rolling. Well, it did in a big way since that announcement. The ladies made three posts in a week and the newest one is about BRC Gastropub at 519 Shepherd. Check out the earlier entries for looks at Red Dessert Dive and D'Lish Curbside Bistro food truck.

Have you been wondering about the food at Amalfi, the Italian eatery in the Galleria area that just opened last fall? Jack Tyler of Culinary Houston visited and found a daily special of Salmone Maritato Agli Agrumi tasted even better than it looks and the Ravioli di Zucca Aragosta e Tartufo is legitimately made with real black truffles. There's much more to see and read about on the blog.

I'm really excited about the Houston Press Menu of Menus this year. The restaurants invited to participate are a great mix of "new hotness," neighborhood favorites and grand Houston classics. The Brunch & Conversation blog has partnered with the Houston Press and is offering an opportunity to get in on the presale and a chance to win two passes.

Whether or not you plan to celebrate the Lunar New Year on February 19, you can admire the careful preparation that goes into making these traditional pineapple tarts, known as "prosperity cakes." The My Elastic Pants blog doesn't give away his proportions, but does list the ingredients. He makes them completely from scratch. Wait a minute--why wouldn't you celebrate Lunar New Year??

Here's another sweet idea that also sounds perfect for the celebration: Durian macarons! Well, it sounds great idea, but the white chocolate filling didn't come out as nicely as this blogger had hoped. Maybe some of you experienced pastry people have some suggestions.

If you're going out for a last hoorah with a friend before she moves to sunny San Diego, The Breakfast Klub is a fine choice. Kim with Adventures In a Newish City dines on her tears--I mean, the egg white "swissmush" omelette with grits and a side of whole wheat toast. Who knows? If you want to make sure someone comes back to Houston for a visit, this seems like a pretty sure-fire way to go.

That's it for our check of the blogs this week. As always, if you know of one that you think should be featured, leave a comment below or holler at us.

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