Beef chenjeh at Cafe Caspian, courtesy of our Flickr pool.
Beef chenjeh at Cafe Caspian, courtesy of our Flickr pool.

This Week In Food Blogs: Brand-New Beer Bars and Capri in Spring

CultureMap: Craft beer fans have been waiting patiently for Mongoose versus Cobra to open since news of the Midtown beer bar broke earlier this year. Sarah Rufca has news on its impending opening -- any day now! -- and what you can expect in the newly renovated space.

Home.: In an intimate, touching post on her blog, Karen Man -- the pastry chef at Oxheart and wife to executive chef Justin Yu -- contemplates the interesting struggles between growing up in a Cantonese household without sweets and learning to make desserts that don't outshine the work her husband is doing in their jewel box of a restaurant.

Urban Swank: The Urban Swank girls must have been at Roots Bistro on the same night I was last week, but they smartly chose to get the dessert wine that was being offered that night: a Banfi Rosa Regale, which they fell for quickly. (I knew I should have saved room for dessert...)

Almost Veggie Houston: Ashli visits one of our favorite Italian restaurants in the greater Houston area -- Capri Pasta Pizza & More in Spring -- and falls every bit in love with its burrata, pastas and BYOB policy as we did last year.

Jack Around: Saint Arnold has its Beerlympics, and Katy's No Label Brewery has its Field Day. In his latest post, Jack recaps the games at the brewery's first annual event of this kind and his first taste of its Jalapeño Ale.

Delicious Mischief: Finally, if you caught John DeMers on Great Day Houston last week but you didn't catch the recipe for his bacon-onion sliders, he's republished it on his website just in time for grilling season.

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