This Week in Food Blogs: Brooks Brisket Will Blow You Away, Says Urban Swank

Eating My Words: Not to be confused with our own blog, this is Texas Monthly's food blog -- mostly penned by head food writer Patricia Sharpe, who recently named her top picks for the 12 best new restaurants in Texas. Spoiler alert: Four are in Houston, by far the most that any city racked up.

Science Based Cuisine: What's this? A new Houston food blog? Nope -- it's Dr. Ricky's food blog with a timely name change. Explains Ricky:

It's simply acknowledging what I've been writing all along. Science-based cuisine is a frame of mind about food and food practices that incorporates scientific reasoning. It'll be fun.

Bayou City Bites: Now here's a new food blog. Welcome Bayou City Bites to the mix, with this post on one of the only good things to come out of the Walmart development on Yale: a new outpost of Jersey Mike's Subs, which I will admit is a damn good chain of sandwich shops.

Urban Swank: It's difficult to get a good brisket in this town, but you already knew that. That's why the Urban Swank girls were so excited to find Brooks' Place in Cypress, a trailer that serves barbecue so good it "would make any brisket lover smile or cry tears of joy." Damn. Guess I need to head north soon.

Jack Around: Buffalo Bayou Brewing Co. celebrated its first anniversary this past Saturday, and Jack Highberger has a play-by-play of both the party and the rare beers that were tapped for the occasion.

Eater Houston: Finally, in celebration of Whale Week ("whale" being an industry term for diners who like to splash out on expensive meals), Eater Houston editor Eric Sandler has compiled a fun post of some of Houston's priciest dishes. Included alongside some of the usual suspects is a "$45 per pound crab that weighed seven pounds" for a total of $315 at Confucius Seafood.

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Join the Press community and help support independent local journalism in Houston.