This Week in Food Blogs: Burgerland Lands in Houston

Chili Bob's Houston Eats: If two Nicaraguan restaurants in the same location both fail, what do you do? You open a third Nicaraguan restaurant there, as Bruce found out last week when he tried Selva Negra for the first time. (Its previous incarnations were Managua and Nicaragua Restaurant.)

Arbitrary Criticism: Also trying things for the first time this week is Catherine Martin, who visited the much-heralded Uchi and found a comforting measure of equality. "It was pretty surreal for me because I've been slaving away at the lower rungs of the restaurant ladder here in Houston for three years now, and walking through Uchi's, I recognized a good many people as patrons of restaurants I'd worked at," Martin writes. "That's pretty weird, guys, to see people on a peer to peer basis that normally you are, in a way, working for."

Robb Walsh: Fans of burgers or Stanton's City Bites or both will want to keep an eye out for upcoming Travel Channel show Burgerland. Author George Motz visits four burger joints per city on the TV show, and Robb Walsh took the host to try out his favorite cheeseburger at the little grocery store on Houston Avenue.

Urban Swank: It's always heartening to see others enjoying a restaurant you reviewed positively, and the Urban Swank girls are positively giddy about The Chili Shak. "This was hands down some of the best chili I've tasted in Houston (and possibly beyond)," wrote Shanna Jones.

Lushtastic: Leslie Sprague has been away from blogging since November, but with good reason. When she's not busy with organizations like Open the Taps, she's taking beer-cations to California, which she details -- with plenty of photos -- in her recent post.

Eater Houston: Last, if you're determined to go out on Valentine's Day and you're also single, Eric Sandler has a terrific list lined up of bars that offer good food for dining solo.

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