This Week In Food Blogs: Bycatch Gets Bigger and Brownies Bring Doom

CultureMap: Houston Restaurant Weeks starts today, and celebrated earlier this week with a kickoff party at Momentum Audi. The Houston Press was not invited (was it something we said?), but luckily CultureMap was there to cover the event and remind folks that, above all, HRW is about raising money for area food banks.

29-95: Great news from fishmonger P.J. Stoops via Chron critic Alison Cook: Stoops has left local seafood supplier Louisiana Foods (boo) and his weekly Total Catch Market behind (double boo), but it's to found a bycatch market of his own. Details are still sketchy at this stage, but Stoops hopes to sell both the bycatch he's known for as well as more mainstream seafood from his retail storefront when it opens.

Eater Houston: Montrose isn't quite as gentrified as many people (myself included) have begun to lament, Eater Houston reminds us. To illustrate this point, Eric Sandler interviewed Eatsie Boys food truck crew member Ryan Soroka about having his bicycle stolen by a drug addict right under his nose at the food truck one afternoon, then having to buy it back from a pawn store later that day.

Urban Swank: Looking for a good, old-fashioned meal of oxtails, collard greens and candied yams? The Urban Swank girls say to look no further than Mikki's Soul Food Cafe, which they call "THE REAL DEAL HOLYFIELD in the world of soul food," family-owned and operated for a dozen years.

Robb Walsh: Fresh off his latest cover story for the Press ("Community 'Cue"), Robb Walsh travels to Dallas to check out some barbecue of a different flavor at Smoke. Walsh writes of Smoke that its chef "Tim Byres weds Texas barbecue with fine dining," which seems entirely appropriate for a city like Dallas.

Weapons Grade: Finally, flex your creative muscles a bit along with sommelier Justin Vann, who has posted one of his sample entries for Esquire's 79-word short story contest. Could brownies bring on the end of the world? In Vann's short story, they can.

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