This Week in Food Blogs: Cake & Ice Cream Belong Together

Zagat Houston: If you're in search of a new bar to try out this summer, check out Zagat Houston's list of the eight hottest bars in Houston, such as the only tiki bar, Lei Low, featuring tropical drinks like the popular Mai Tai. The Pimlico Irish Pub features Irish beers, whiskey and scotch -- it's also pet-friendly.

Huffington Post Food: Cake and ice cream have always been perfect combinations, but usually as a scoop of vanilla with a slice of chocolate cake, or as a cake frosted in ice cream. Huffington Post's food blog suggests the newest ice cream trend is blending cake with ice cream. There are a few flavors Houstonians can try, such as the Red Velvet Ice Cream from Blue Bell and the Lazy Sunday (vanilla cake batter ice cream with pieces of chocolate and yellow cupcakes) from Ben & Jerry's.

CultureMap Houston: With the amount of restaurants opening in Houston, it's becoming more difficult to choose where to eat. But, Eric Sandler has listed ten restaurants you must try during the month of July, including Bernie's Burger Bus in Bellaire, Sal y Pimienta in CityCentre and The Republic Grille in The Woodlands. Don't forget about dessert! Red Dessert Dive in the Heights has killer cupcakes, brownies and cakes, while Cacao & Cardamom serves up beautifully-designed chocolates.

Eat-More-Burgers: Speaking of Bernie's Burger Bus, Russell Weill checked out the new brick-and-mortar location and ordered The Principal. Weil says the Angus beef patty was cooked to medium just as he had asked and was topped with cheese that gushed out the sides, homemade mayonnaise, Bernie's signature ketchup, pickles, onions, shredded lettuce and slow-roasted garlic tomatoes. He loved the grilled Challah bun as it added the appropriate amount of sweetness to the burger.

Adventures in a New(ish) City: After an unsuccessful attempt to make a reservation at Oxheart in June, Kim and her mom decided to spend a summer evening at Mockingbird Bistro. To create a vegetarian meal, Kim ordered a variety of sides and appetizers, including the organic beet salad with red and orange beets, arugula and blue cheese topped with white balsamic foam. She then moved on to the truffle Parmesan pomme frites, which, to her, included too much truffle. But, the perfectly creamy asparagus risotto was one of her favorite items.

Gastronaut: Just as it should be, the pastelitos at Pastelitos Cafe are the best items on the menu. Katharine Shilcutt recently visited this Energy Corridor South American cafe and savored a variety of the namesake pastries for brunch. The Colombian pastries filled with spinach and cheese, and the ones filled with cream cheese and guava, were her favorites.

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