This Week in Food Blogs: Cereal-and-Milk Cocktails, Apple Galettes and a Doughnut-Bacon Cheeseburger

Daily Details: Cocktail flavors can be quite inventive, but have these creations gone too far? Breakfast and cereal flavors are being made into cocktails at bars all around the world. This blog post from Daily Details shares insight into the cereal cocktails found in a variety of bars in the United States and even Paris. How about a Cereal Milk Punch from New York City's PDT? It's made with cornflake-infused milk, corn whiskey, wheat whiskey and honey liqueur. Or how about a cocktail with cereal-infused liquor? The Broken Shaker in Miami serves up a Cocoa Pebbles Old Fashioned made with cereal-infused bourbon.

The Pancake Princess: While Erika admits to not being a pie fan, she can be convinced to make certain pies, such as this apple galette made with leftover dough. She also coats the apples in a date caramel sauce, making for an even sweeter pie. But the best part about this post is the variety of recipes that use leftover pie crust and leftover apples, such as her tarte tatin pancakes made with caramelized apples...yum!

Texas Monthly: Patricia Sharpe of Texas Monthly visited John Sheeley's newest restaurant, Osteria Mazzantini, and falls in love with the various Italian appetizers, especially the giant bowl of PEI mussels in a white-wine broth with tomato and garlic. Sharpe also enjoys the traditional Italian entrées and desserts, such as the lamb tenderloin with a Parmesan risotto, and a limoncello tart made with Meyer lemon curd and a salty, sweet shortbread crust.

Adventures in a New(ish) City: Kim went to Soma Sushi for a ramen lunch during a cold day last week. In an attempt to discover why everyone is so crazy over ramen, she and her dining companion ordered the Soma Ramen, but didn't fall in love with it. She enjoyed the broth and seaweed base, which she described as "divine," but the fish cake's rubbery texture turned her off. It's not that Soma prepared a bad bowl of ramen; Kim is just not a fan of the dish, she says.

Epicurious: Do you ever wonder what top pastry chefs make for Thanksgiving? Epicurious's food blog writer, Jarrod San Angel, spoke with master pastry chefs, including the cronut inventor, Dominique Ansel, to see what they make for dessert on Turkey Day. Ansel says his favorite pie to bake, other than pumpkin and pecan, is a French-style Apple Tarte Tatin; he uses six apples per pie and makes a base with a soft salted butter cookie.

Houston Food Truck Reviews: The weather this past Friday was not very pleasant, but despite the poor conditions, David Sarkozi made his way to Houston Food Park for a doughnut bacon cheeseburger and an order of Korean fries from Foreign Policy Truck. While it's not the healthiest of burgers, the doughnut bacon cheeseburger is a tasty, sweet and savory treat worth trying. And the Korean fries topped with chopped Korean-style barbecue, kimchi, green onions and queso are some of the best kimchi fries in Houston, according to Sarkozi.

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