This Week in Food Blogs: Cheese Is Your Friend

Gastronaut: Change up your regular cheeseburger order at Sam's Deli Diner and opt for a cheesesteak instead. Katharine Shilcutt writes in this Gastronaut post that the Texas cheesesteak at Sam's is one of the best dishes the diner offers. A hoagie roll is stuffed with lots and lots of roast beef, grilled mushrooms, sauteed onions, mayonnaise, pickled jalapenos and a massive helping of melted Swiss cheese. Just plan on making a mess when you dive into this sandwich.

Zagat Houston: Looking for a spot to dine in downtown Houston? Zagat has a list of the hottest restaurants in this part of town, including staple spots such as Oxheart, The Grove and Irma's, as well as newcomer The Honeymoon. Don't forget that Huynh Restaurant is BYOB.

Eat-More-Burgers: Russell Weil previously dined at JerryBuilt Homegrown Burgers and was not impressed with his meal, but after the restaurant reached out to him to inform him of the improvements to the burgers, he decided to give JerryBuilt another shot. Weil appreciated that the bun was toasted this time, the meat was grilled on a gas burner giving it a "char-broiled flavor," and the truffle Parmesan fries were crunchy, not soggy.

I Chew and Review: Bazille is the new bistro/cafe that opened inside the new Nordstrom in The Woodlands. This past week, Kim stopped by Bazille for lunch and started with the crab bisque and bruschetta; the soup tasted too much like fish at first, but that intensity slowly faded away. However, the bruschetta was so difficult to eat that she gave up trying to bite through the bread. The chipotle lime shrimp salad was a little too sweet for her taste, but she did enjoy the hefty serving of cilantro.

Thrillist: This should make you happy. According to a recent report by a leading teaching hospital in Quebec, cheese helps your metabolism and lowers your blood pressure, and the best part is the study also revealed that most people don't eat enough cheese. This Thrillist post has a few cheese-centric recipes to help you meet your daily serving recommendations (two and a half servings of cheese). How about a Philly cheesesteak lasagna? Or Cheetos waffles? Yes, please.

Smitten Kitchen: The fall season has arrived and that means it's time to start baking scrumptious desserts. Try this recipe for Sunken Apple and Honey Cake from Smitten Kitchen to kick off the fall baking season. The beautiful cake features four small apple halves baked on top and is finished with a honey-sea salt glaze.

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