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This Week in Food Blogs: Chocolate Banana Bread & Doughnuts for Brunch

Eater National: Eater is celebrating Pizza Week, and in honor of this splendid Italian food-centric "holiday," Eater National compiled a list of the 38 essential pizzerias across America, and Houston's very own Pizaro's Pizza Napoletana made the list. This Memorial Drive pizzeria is loved by many Houstonians. In fact, the Patate e Funghi Pizza topped with potatoes and mushrooms is Kaitlin Steinberg's No. 60 favorite dish on her list of 100 favorite dishes.

Smitten Kitchen: Who doesn't love banana bread? Especially double chocolate banana bread? This week, Smitten Kitchen's Deb decided to listen to her husband's advice and put chocolate in her banana bread, despite her past apprehensions about adding chocolate to something that, in her opinion, was already perfect. It's a simple recipe using all the classic ingredients of banana bread (bananas, butter, brown sugar, eggs, vanilla extract, baking soda, salt, cinnamon and flour). But, with the addition of cocoa powder and nearly a cup of semi-sweet chocolate chips, it is transformed into ooey gooey chocolate-banana goodness.

The Pancake Princess: The next time you host friends over for a brunch, try making a doughnut and waffle bar, like Erika and her friends did this past weekend. They baked yeast doughnuts in the oven, and used the cut-out centers as doughnut holes; and they made waffles from Challah dough. Next, they set up a doughnut and waffle bar complete with a variety of toppings, from melted chocolate and sprinkles to honey caramel and sliced fruit. Everyone topped their waffles and doughnuts the way they pleased.

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Urban Swank: Joanna O'Leary writes about her addiction to Fat Cat Creamery on the Urban Swank blog, and admits to trekking over icy roads during Houston's crazy winter just to get a scoop of ice cream. One of her favorite things about the ice cream parlor is the "Every Day Is Like Sundae" option; she combines Milk Chocolate Stout ice cream with Mexican Vanilla ice cream and crushed pretzels, house-made "magic shell," chocolate cookie crumbs, whipped cream, and, of course, a cherry on top.

Houston Food Truck Reviews: Reigns food truck specializes in burgers, tacos and hot wings (we assume the wings are extremely hot due to the fire graphics on the side of the truck). David Sarkozi ordered The Mexicana burger from the truck last week and deemed it "a great burger variation." The Mexicana has a chorizo and beef burger patty which is topped with pickled cabbage and Anaheim chili aioli (aka, spicy!), served on a pretzel bun. Although the burger was missing avocado and chicharrones, Sarkozi said it was still tasty.

Patty and David Said...: Although Snap Kitchen is a "to-go" restaurant, it held a preview dinner for the new spring offerings featuring only gluten-free and Paleo dishes. Patty and David decided to attend the dinner just to see what type of dishes Snap Kitchen would serve. The night included smoked salmon served with crackers made from coconut flour, olive oil, nuts and cauliflower (available in the snack area); the Provencal Flatbread made with cauliflower, egg, cheese, a zucchini purée and dried tomatoes; a kale Caesar Salad; a chicken enchilada using tortillas made from coconut flour, almond meal and eggs; Malaysian Curry; and a cheesecake in which nuts replaced the crust and goat cheese replaced the cream cheese.

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