This Week In Food Blogs: Crazy Mac & Cheese Creations, Buttery Lobster Tacos & More

Urban Swank: BRC Gastropub recently changed its menu, and Urban Swank has the low-down on the new comfort food items. Executive Chef Lance Fegen added a multitude of comforting dishes, such as the Foie Gras Poutine -- crispy fries, chilled foie gras, mushroom brown gravy and farm cheese. There's also Fried Chicken and Cheddar Biscuits, and creamed corn -- one of Urban Swank's favorite dishes. Don't miss out on the crazy new mac and cheese creations; think foie gras-topped mac and cheese, and meatball mac and cheese. As the temperatures fall, these stomach-filling and heart-warming dishes will be just what we need to escape the cold weather.

Texas Monthly: Last week, Texas Monthly featured one of Houston's newest wine bars, Camerata, in an interview with the the owner, Paul Petronella and Paulie's restaurant partner, David Keck. The two discuss the process of establishing Camerata as a wine bar next to their restaurant, Paulie's, and the plans they have for utilizing the restaurant and wine bar together. The restaurant and wine bar partners explain how the venues can be used for pop-up dinners, fundraisers and as "incubators for their employees."

H-Town Chow Down: While The Woodlands has many wonderful restaurants, it lacks outstanding Asian food. But, the H-Town Chow Down team heard about a new Asian restaurant on College Park, Atsumi, and finally found excellent Chinese food in The Woodlands. The chef makes his own sauces, such as the light citrus sauce for dipping the crab puffs filled with a spicy pepper cream filling. Supposedly the chef has a "real" Chinese menu aside from the Americanized Chinese menu -- definitely something worth trying.

Hungry in Houston: Adam and Stef are members of the Ramen in Common club in Houston and were invited by Carl Rosa to attend a sneak peak Ramen tasting at Kubo's Cafe in Chinatown. Adam writes that the noodles in this chicken ramen bowl were perfectly firm and perfectly prepared; in fact, they were the best ramen noodles he has had in Houston so far. While he prefers ramen with bolder flavors, such as beef or pork, Adam says the chicken was "spot on." Hopefully this item appears on the menu soon.

Hank On Food: National Taco Day has passed, but that doesn't mean you can't stuff your face with tacos. Hank discovered that Jonathan's The Rub has some incredible tacos, such as the lobster roll tacos filled with buttery lobster, mayonnaise, celery, lemon juice, rub sauce and avocado mousse. Hank loved them so much that he gave them an A+++, noting that the lobster roll tacos pack a little heat and the celery gives it a nice crunch. Unfortunately this item isn't on the regular menu, but according to Hank, if you ask Jonathan nicely, he might make them for you.

The Mija Chronicles: Speaking of tacos, Mija has a recipe for fried Brussels sprout and bacon tacos -- because the best way to eat Brussels sprouts is fried and with bacon. She starts by cooking bacon in a cast-iron skillet, then removes the bacon and replaces it with the Brussels sprouts and more olive oil to shallow-fry the veggies. Once the Brussels sprouts are fried, she places the chopped bacon back into the skillet, then stuffs it all into warm corn tortillas and tops with lime juice and a charred tomato salsa. Maybe this is the perfect way to get kids to eat Brussels sprouts.

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