This Week in Food Blogs: Drink Beer & Eat Custard All Summer Long

Zagat Houston: Bars and pubs aren't the only places with incredible beer selections. Zagat Houston's Marcy de Luna shares her list of eight restaurants in Houston offering really good beer menus. Down House has 11 taps and one nitrogen tap of local and seasonal craft beers, while Guru Burgers & Crepes has 18 taps of mostly local brews. Of course, you've hit the jackpot when you go to Yard House, which offers more than 100 beers on tap from around the world.

Bon Appetit: And speaking of beer, Bon Appetit's blog suggests that you should drink shandies this summer. Shandies are refreshing with the combination of crisp beer and tart lemonade. But, of course, if you don't like the taste of lemons, you can drink other types of shandies made with grapefruit, like the Schell Shocked Grapefruit Radler from Minnesota.

Adventures in a (New)ish City: Kim ate at Tony Mandola's for the first time and began her meal with fried green tomatoes, followed by rice and beans. She loved the linguine primavera with garlic, olive oil and vegetables and described it as, "stupidly good," but, she couldn't get enough of the garlic bread which was crunchy and crispy on the outside and had "buttery garlic clouds" on the inside.

Epicurious: Seriously, who doesn't love a doughnut? And who says you can't make them at home? Epicurious provides a variety of recipes for making both cake and yeast doughnuts, along with tips and techniques for prepping, baking, frying and storing the rings of dough. Take a whack at the vanilla cream-filled doughnuts, or maple syrup-soaked doughnut holes.

Gastronaut: Custard is a perfect dessert for the summer. Katharine Shilcutt writes about the creamy treat from Culver's. She explains how frozen custard has more butterfat and egg yolks than ice cream, making it much creamier. To her, a swirl of custard in a cup or a cone is the solution to cooling down on a hot day in Houston.

The Pancake Princess: Erika spent some time in Paris and fell in love with all things cheese, specifically the combination with bread and tomatoes. In this blog post, she shares her recipe for a piadina grilled cheese. Piadina is an Italian flatbread almost as thin as a tortilla. She roasts cherry tomatoes with olive oil and garlic cloves for three hours and assembles her sandwich with Emmi Kaltbach aged gruyere, fresh basil and the roasted tomatoes.

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