This Week in Food Blogs: Fluffy Pancakes & Fluffy Scrambled Eggs

Zagat Houston: Searching for the perfect ice-cold treat to cool off with this summer? Check out Zagat Houston's list of the best ice cream parlors in Houston. Indulge in Cloud10 Creamery's twist on the classic banana split featuring caramelized bananas with vanilla bean, chocolate and Nutella with marshmallow ice cream scoops topped with brown sugar, milk chocolate Magic shell, mixed berry jam, whipped cream, hot fudge sauce and candied pecans. Or stop by Hank's Ice Cream Parlor for a traditional scoop of old-fashioned ice cream.

The Pancake Princess: After attending the Paleo Kitchen cookbook signing (and being completely starstruck by the two authors), Erika Kwee made the blueberry coconut flour pancakes featured in the book. The coconut flour creates fluffy pancakes with crispy, browned edges - just as they should be. If you can't find arrowroot powder, Erika suggests using either a blend of cornstarch and sweet rice flour, or sweet rice flour with brown rice flour - the pancakes won't be paleo-friendly though. Make it a dessert by tossing in chocolate chips instead of blueberries.

Gastronaut: You won't find a large menu filled with more options than you can possibly fathom at Ninja Ramen. In fact, you'll probably not understand why there is a menu because the Washington Avenue restaurant only serves one thing, and that one dish is ramen. Katharine Shilcutt enjoyed her bowl with pork belly, fermented bamboo shoots, scallions and boiled eggs (plus the extra noodles to go with the leftover broth), but her favorite aspect to Ninja Ramen is the atmosphere; it's a simple restaurant, serving a complex dish that everyone can easily enjoy.

Breadnbottle: Laura Green is the author behind Breadnbottle, a recently discovered Houston food blog. In this post, she says farewell to Strack Farms Restaurant, which was the first place she ate at after moving to the Klein area in the 1990s. Green says, "I'm going to miss Strack's because it was a connection to people I shared it with who aren't around anymore, a frail but tangible bond with the past that kept my memory of them a little more palpable."

Urban Swank: The Urban Swank gals have got the "skinny" on Preview Modern Seafood in Sugar Land. Some of their favorite dishes were the "KFT" Kentucky Fried Tahitian Big Eye Tuna -- coconut and almond-crusted tuna with roasted peaches -- and the Japanese Yellowtail Crudo served with blueberry gastrique.

CultureMap Houston: Bistro Menil, the new cafe connected to The Menil Collection, hasn't opened yet, but according to Marene Gustin of CultureMap Houston, chef Greg Martin will serve up some of the best scrambled eggs in the city. Rather than using water or milk to fluff up the eggs, Martin explains how he incorporates cold butter, an amount equal to ten percent of the eggs' weight). The result is light, creamy and scrumptious scrambled eggs.

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