This Week in Food Blogs: Hop Heads and the Siren Call of Duck Poutine

CultureMap: Each month, Ruthie Johnson Miller compiles a handy list of the 10 hottest restaurants in the city for CultureMap. Whether they be newly opened or just newly interesting, these are the 10 places she suggests checking out in August.

Arbitrary Criticism: New chef Chandler Rothbard must already be working out well at BRC Gastropub, because Catherine Martin's latest visit netted the restaurant a total of 354 points (out of an unknown possible number, hence the blog's title) and it earned a glowing review for both its food and...its unisex restrooms: "Let me tell you," Martin writes, "leaving that bathroom was the hardest thing I've ever done in my entire life, and it couldn't have happened without the thought of duck poutine waiting for me!"

Blog of an Aspiring Foodie: Russian king crab is on the Monterey Bay Aquarium's Seafood Watch list as seafood to avoid because of unsustainable fishing practices. But just how valid is that warning? Chris investigates and finds out.

Jack Around: This past Thursday, August 2, was IPA Day 2012 -- a commemorative occasion for hop-head beer lovers everywhere. Jack Highberger has a list of local craft beers to slake your thirst for hops in case you missed the celebration or just want to keep the party going.

Robb Walsh: Wild boar country ham is too salty to eat on its own. And lady creamer peas -- a.k.a. field peas -- are too bland to be stewed up alone. Solution? Make a batch of Creamer Peas with Wild Boar Country Ham by following Robb Walsh's recipe.

Delicious Mischief: Ending the weekly roundup on a sweet note is John DeMers, who has returned from a trip to the Inn on Lake Granbury with a recipe for its delicious-sounding Piña Colada French Toast. Finally, a recipe in which I might actually eat the shredded coconut...

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