This Week in Food Blogs: Houston Rodeo Food & Cookie Architecture

Zagat Houston: There's a lot of food at the Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo; some good, some bad and some so incredible that you can't miss trying. Zagat Houston's Amber Ambrose lists the five best foods at the Houston Rodeo this year, beginning with the Pickle Dog from Get Pickled; it's a corn dog-battered and deep-fried hollowed-out pickle stuffed with a frankfurter. Cool off with a Cookie Dough Parfait from Aunt Edmoe's; imagine vanilla ice cream with two chocolate chip cookies, whipped cream and a cherry.

Hank on Food: Hank ventured out to Meyerland to check out the inventive scones created by Rachel Teichman of The Scone Artist. All of them are made in her home kitchen and she treats each like a work of art -- some of them are named after famous artists, such as the Van Gogh, made of sunflower seed butter and chocolate sunflower seeds, as well as other art-related terms, such as the Impressionism, made of dried currants, oatmeal and orange zest, or the Pop Art, made of banana, chocolate chip and Pop Rocks. You can also invent your own creation.

Eater Houston: Got a hankering for macaroni and cheese? Check out Eater Houston's map of where to get the best in Houston, including the short rib mac and cheese from Brooklyn Athletic Club; the mac and cheese spring rolls from Muiishi Makirritos; and the mac and cheese with Andouille sausage from the Rosemont Social Club.

Slate: Every state is known for something in the culinary world, and this Slate article investigates the "official meat" of every state. Use the graphic to see why bison is the official meat of South Dakota, lamb fries are popular in Kentucky, and why "brisket is the cornerstone of Texas barbecue"...but we already knew that.

The Pancake Princess: While there are several twists on the classic banh mi, The Pancake Princess decides to share her own rendition of this Vietnamese sandwich with baked tofu and a pretzel roll. She bakes the tofu with soy sauce and grated ginger, then adds her own pickled carrots and daikon. After the tofu is baked and the vegetables are pickled, she coats the toasted pretzel bun with a miso butter made of butter, white miso paste and cilantro, then adds the tofu, followed by pickled vegetables, cucumber, bell pepper and cilantro.

The Salt: For most of us, the only type of "cookie art" we have made is with piped icing, frosting and sprinkles -- and it's usually around the holidays, right? NPR's food blog, The Salt, takes a look at the cookie art revolution. Bakers all around the country have been catching on to the idea of creating art and architecture pieces with cookies inspired by The Cookie Architect, Rebecca Weld. She is a professional architect who uses her skills to create cookie masterpieces such as her detailed design of a scene from a lake in the Adirondacks.

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Join the Press community and help support independent local journalism in Houston.