This Week in Food Blogs: How Many Moons Does Your Favorite Pub Have?

Eater Houston: I've been enjoying Eater's recent series "Front and Center," in which front-of-house industry professionals are spotlighted for their vital efforts in making a dining experience special. The last two entries in the series have been some of my favorites: Sabin Shk, a Nepalese immigrant who offers five-star service at Neeta's Indian Cuisine; and Laure Miles at Molina's Cantina, who has such a following that people will wait an hour just to sit in her section.

Dude, You Going to Eat That?: In his latest blog post, Dr. Ricky finds a new juice bar has opened in his company cafeteria -- but that instead of just offering a healthy alternative, the juice bar is also peddling some annoying pseudoscience. "How could this establishment peddle such informational nonsense when it is frequented by prominent biomedical research scientists?" he writes.

Hummingbird Tongues: Looking for a unique way to use up some of your summer eggplant and sweet potatoes? Check out this Middle Eastern recipe for fried eggplant stacks with a feta-sweet potato filling and pomegranate-mint yogurt sauce -- along with photos so gorgeous they'll make your belly start talking to you.

Jack Around: In his essay "The Moon Under Water," George Orwell listed the ten ideal qualities that a truly great pub should have. And Jack Highberger has found a great many of them at Hans' Bier Haus in Rice Village, which gets "8 moons out of 10."

Aghastronome: With summer at an end, cap it with a sweet treat and make homemade strawberry ice cream. Mary Jane has an easy recipe that you can make at home with your Cuisinart.

29-95: As if you needed another reason to frequent Philippe, the fanciful French restaurant is introducing its new wine bar -- Phil -- with an astonishing 80 wines by the glass, chosen by sommelier Vanessa Trevino-Boyd. The wines are kept fresh with argon, an inert gas, and include a range of interesting selections that include almost a dozen rosés (that's the wine, not the flower).

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Katharine Shilcutt