This Week in Food Blogs: Iced Coffee Guides & Medieval Jousting Entertainment

Blue Jean Gourmet: If you're looking for the perfect summer dessert, look no further. Blue Jean Gourmet made a peach and blackberry cobbler with freshly picked peaches and blackberries. The sweetness of soft peaches combined with the tart, yet subtly sweet, blackberries makes for the ultimate cobbler combination. Try out her recipe for this dish, along with a few of her other favorite peaches and berries recipes, like peach ice cream or a blackberry upside-down cake.

The Atlantic: With the arrival of summer comes the arrival of iced coffee. This week, The Atlantic provides a guide to iced coffee for each type of coffee drinker. Are you the Existentialist, who drinks iced coffee because the once piping hot liquid is now cold and you'd rather keep it cold than take the effort to reheat it? Or are you the Dessert Coffee-ist, who loves flavored coffee with tons of sugar, chocolate and cream?

Urban Swank: Eleven XI Restaurant & Bar recently opened in Houston and Urban Swank decided to check it out. The new restaurant is a winner in their book as it "seems to have found a winning formula for success and is off to a good start." Urban Swank boasts about the wonderful cocktails offered at the bar. Joe Hausner is the Bar Manager and dishes out delicious cocktails; some are even made with liquid nitrogen. The freshly made dishes, like the Texas quail or beef tartare, were real winners in their book.

Texas Monthly: Summer is always perfect for mixing up fun cocktails to sip outside on a hot day. Try the Mexican Martini offered by Texas Monthly for a cool and refreshing summer cocktail. It isn't exactly a Mexican drink and it isn't quite a martini; this drink is "served up rather than on the rocks." Whip together something different this summer with the Mexican Martini made with añejo tequila, Cointreau, lime juice, orange juice and green-olive brine.

CultureMap Houston: Clifford Pugh of CultureMap visited Feast during one of its last days in operation and definitely feasted on some wonderful dishes, like the beef heart tartare, wild boar and molten chocolate cake. The restaurant will serve its last meal on Friday, June 14, so if you want to enjoy some exquisite cuisine, make your reservations today.

Houston Business Journal: Who doesn't love dinner and a show? Especially if it is all at the same location. Houston Business Journal reports that Medieval Times, an Irving, Texas-based restaurant that features knights jousting with one another while riding Andalusian horses, could come to Houston during its expansion throughout the country. According to the Dallas Business Journal, the restaurant, or castle, seats up to 1,000 people and is 70,000 square feet. Talk about the ultimate dinner-and-show experience.

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