This Week in Food Blogs: Impostor Lemons and Patio Cocktails

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In the fall, limes that aren't yet harvested can begin to turn yellow and, unless you know better, can look just like lemons. This case of "bait and switch" initially fooled the blogger at Tag Sale Tastes, who subsequently comes up with a riff on an old adage. If life gives you limes, make Pistachio Lime Cake! As a bonus, readers will learn about a Japanese cat sculpture that's not a cat but does have giant--well, you'll see.

Hurray for patio-friendly weather! Houstonians will use any excuse to get outside, and here's a new one: are you up-to-speed on some of the newest bars? Marcy de Luna at Zagat Houston has a great list of five that sport patios for your al fresco enjoyment.

Kim at "Adventures in a New(ish) City" confesses that she's been holding out on us (for a year?!) on the goodness that is Queen Vic Pub & Kitchen's happy hour. She's finally sharing now, lauding inexpensive bar bites that range from $4 to $7 and the Curried Chips, which are "house cut fries, tomato 'mother curry', coconut milk, and peas, all topped with a gorgeous fried egg on top." She's also a fan of the vegetarian potato and mushroom cakes known as vada pav.

David Sarkozi at "Houston Food Truck Reviews" sets our tummies a-rumblin' with his photo and description of Flip'n Patties Brekpas Burger. The burger comes on a steamed bun, which he says are "some of the best buns I've ever laid my hands on" (ahem) and consists of a third-pound, marinated grassfed burger patty, fried Spam, a fried egg, caramelized onions and aioli. We can't wait to check this one out for ourselves.

Katherine Shilcutt at Houstonia "Gastronaut" throws a lot of love to Villa Arcos on the East side, which has been making top-notch breakfast tacos for over 40 years. In fact, Shilcutt cites both the bacon and the chicharrón offerings as some of the the best breakfast tacos in Houston. This mouthwatering description of the bacon one might send you running to your car: "This is not the sad, thin bacon crumbled up into bits you may be familiar with in other, lesser breakfast tacos; this bacon is a whole belly, diced into large chunks and folded into scrambled eggs in equal proportion."

In sommelier news, Alison Cook writes at Houston Chronicle's "Food Chronicles" blog that Vanessa Treviño-Boyd, who recently won a top spot at the Iron Sommelier competition, is leaving her post at 60 Degrees Mastercrafted. It's a significant loss for the restaurant, as Cook states that Treviño-Boyd's "list greatly added to the appeal of 60 Degrees, and it could be counted on for smart, lesser-known selections." Wherever the somm lands next, we wish her well and hope she stays in Houston.

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Join the Press community and help support independent local journalism in Houston.