This Week in Food Blogs: Local IPAs, Cockroach Donuts and Annoying Food Trends

Texas Monthly: Houston got another shout out in the Texas Monthly food section this week with an interview with Adam Dorris of Revival Market. The young chef de cuisine spoke about locally sourcing food for the market as well as for the theme dinners held there on a regular basis. He also discussed the changes he's witnessed in the Houston food scene since moving here in 2007, including the proliferation of chefs using local, seasonal ingredients. As for opening his own place someday? Dorris says not quite yet: "I get to do everything I love about this industry right here at Revival, so I want to be here. I don't seem myself leaving that anytime soon."

Jack Around: August 1 was National IPA Day, and Houston got in on the action in a big way with its great local IPAs. Jack Around wrote a round-up of some of the best local IPAs last year, and this year, he says, the landscape has already changed. He listed his five favorite local IPAs in 2013: Saint Arnold Endeavor, Southern Star Valkyrie, Karbach Hop Delusion, Buffalo Bayou Meer Koebel and Lone Pint Yellow Rose. He also notes where to find them: "Endeavour and Valkyrie are year-round offerings, I know I just saw Hop Delusion on the shelf at Whole Foods, they're still pouring Meer Koebel at Hay Merchant last I checked, and Yellow Rose is flowing at the Flying Saucer."

Blue Jean Gourmet: Nishta at Blue Jean Gourmet took a moment to pontificate on the glory of silence in a beautiful and well-written sort of manifesto. And then she got to the meat of the post: Lamb. More specifically, lamb-stuffed eggplant with pine nuts and lots of spices. First the eggplant is roasted and the ground lamb is cooked in a frying pan with onions, tomato, pine nuts, paprika, cinnamon and cumin (among other things). Then, the lamb and eggplants are roasted together for a while to let the flavors meld. Sounds scrumptious!

CultureMap: In this amusing article by Eric Sandler, local venture capitalist Aziz Gilani finds a roach in his Shipley Do-Nuts confection. Sandler reports, "Rather than immediately apologizing and vowing to clean the restaurant from top to bottom, Gilani says the manager told him what he found was "impossible" because the location is cleaned thoroughly every day. Instead of apologizing, they simply refunded him the $1 he spent on the doughnut." Dissatisfied, Gilani tweeted a photo of the nasty donut, which was quickly retweeted by Chronicle food critic Alison Cook. This is all good news for the child obesity battle, as Gilani's daughter has vowed never to eat a donut again.

Urban Swank: The Davenport regular Joanna O'Leary writes an ode to her favorite hangout in which she says, "I go to The Davenport because every damn drink I order is a potent, well-balanced elixir guaranteed to wash away all my troubles when I'm in a bad mood and push me into euphoria following a good day." Specifically, she recommends the Dear Old Cranny and Mango Tango martinis or a Blue Hawaiian or, for the more adventurous, Barbie's Bathwater. Color me intrigued.

Free Press Houston: This is a story I've been wanting to write for a while, but Free Press Houston beat me to it and did a damn good job. Omar Afra and Rob McCarthy got together and compiled a list of the top ten most annoying food trends. Some of the items listed are spot on, and some are less annoying (I, personally, have no problem with fried eggs on everything), but everything on the list is definitely amusing. Particularly offensive to Afra is the lack of ice cubes in water. "Are you afraid of freedom?" he writes. "Every time you order 'water, no ice,' a terrorist is born."

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