This Week In Food Blogs: Lunfast, Roznovsky's and Pop-Up Opium Dens

Weapons Grade: Justin Vann, sommelier at Oxheart, continues to write some of the most interesting and enlightening prose-poetry about what it means to work in the service industry. "Tell me what I'm tasting in this pourover." "Can you believe who they hired for their sous?" "Why don't you do another pop-up brunch?" "Can you help me staff my pop-up speakeasy?" "Tell me how to get into that new pop-up opium den."

Delicious Mischief: Speaking of Oxheart, food writer John DeMers has a little preview of his upcoming full review of the hotspot in Houston magazine. Did he like the place that's been garnering so much local and national praise? It appears so, as DeMers wrote of chef Justin Yu's cooking: "The confidence exuding from each plate at Oxheart is bedazzling."

Commercial Free Cocktail: Local bartender Lindsay Heffron from Liberty Station recently won the Houston round of the national Bombay Sapphire cocktail competition, which -- according to booze blogger and pro bartender Alex Gregg -- is "the most important cocktail competition around." Heffron will be headed to Las Vegas in a few weeks to compete at the national level of the competition, which is held in conjunction with GQ's Most Imaginative Bartender Search. Head out to Grand Prize Bar tonight to help Heffron prep for the Iron Chef-style Bombay Sapphire competition, in which she'll only have a few short minutes to make a cocktail using a mystery ingredient. Gregg tells you how you can help.

Arbitrary Criticism: Catherine Martin's arbitrary criticism isn't just reserved for restaurants; she's critical of brunch, too. Or, rather, the word "brunch" itself: "I don't like brunch because it's a cute, silly, clever combination of the words lunch and breakfast and if the decision had been left up to me, I'd have come up with lunfast."

H-Town Chow Down: Have you run out of interesting places to eat, foodies of far north Houston? Then check out this handy map from Albert Nurick which features a list of great places to eat (with photos) in The Woodlands and Spring, all of which are either new or notable.

Houston Burgers: Hitting up a spot that rarely gets a mention in our burger-saturated times, the guys at Houston Burgers find that old Garden Oaks standby Roznovksy's is still as good as ever (and "ever" is about four decades in this case). Even better? You can get in a round of Cruisin' USA after your meal.

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Katharine Shilcutt