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This Week in Food Blogs: Make Czech Kolaches at Home

Texas Monthly: Seriously, what kind of Texan doesn't love kolaches? While we have some awesome places to grab an authentic Czech kolache in Houston (think Revival Market), it's always fun to make your own. Texas Monthly shares a recipe from the Little Czech Bakery in West, Texas, complete with an apricot filling and crumb topping.

Adventures in a New(ish) City: Even though her shirt became covered in barbecue sauce and a fly ball caused beer to spill all over her, Kim enjoyed her time at the Astros game this past weekend, as well as the after party at downtown bars. Minute Maid Park now serves barbecue from Caswell's and Killen's Smokehouse, and Kim ordered the barbecue baked potato topped with all the fixings -- barbecue sauce, chives, bacon and sour cream. Yum! If you're looking for some places to hit up after the game, head to The Pastry War, Bad News Bar or her new favorite Houston bar, Goro & Gun.

Urban Swank: Houston is blessed with a plethora of coffee shops, and this week the Urban Swank blog visits Agora in Montrose. Joanna O'Leary wishes she had frequented the coffee shop and wine bar more often. One of her favorite items on the menu is the papaya mint tea and chai latte, but that's what she likes on cold days. Now that the weather is warming up, she says she enjoys the iced coffee and Italian sodas. Pair any of those with a peanut butter cookie or the sticky-sweet baklava for the ultimate afternoon snack.

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Quartz: Ever wonder what people in other cities order at Starbucks? Well, Starbucks' analysts gathered information from hundreds of millions of transactions from Starbucks locations around the country and found that Texas residents (more specifically those in San Antonio) sure do love their frappuccinos, while those living in Memphis are passionate about their white chocolate mochas. People residing in San Diego love green tea frappuccinos more than any other city in the United States.

Urban Harvest: Urban Harvest will have its final fruit tree sale on Saturday, April 12, and in this week's blog post, Libby Kennedy shares some information about pear trees, which can be grown anywhere in Houston. The pear trees from Acres Home Pear are excellent to grow in the metro-Houston area, and the pears those trees create are a bright-red blush in color.

The Pancake Princess: Erika interviewed Craig Lee, an award-winning photojournalist from San Francisco (and also her uncle) about his career in food photography and his experience shooting photos for the new cookbook San Francisco Chef's Table, which was written by Carolyn Jung. Erika also gives you a recipe for buttermilk cakes with honey caramel from the cookbook.

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