This Week in Food Blogs: Reformed Shitshows and Santorini on the Run

Delicious Mischief: If I didn't have a lady-poker-and-fried-chicken night all lined up for this past Sunday, you can bet I would have been at Triniti for its dinner collaboration with the Mercury Baroque string ensemble. Fine dining with courses orchestrated to match a series of classical movements? Le sigh. Luckily, John DeMers was there to recap the evening, and has plenty of beautiful photos.

Eater Houston: In other news from the weekend, Eater Houston reports that the much-maligned and "reformed shitshow" Houston Beer Fest didn't turn out to be quite the clusterfuck that everyone expected it to be. Could it be the organizers actually learned from last year's horror story? It appears so.

Weapons Grade: After too long an absence, booze blogger and Oxheart sommelier Justin Vann is back with an ode to Santorini that's too wonderful for words. An ode to Santorini with guns, German pancakes and funny T-shirts. Just go read it.

Robb Walsh: You've seen all those big, soft, beautiful Texas peaches at the farmers markets and probably even bought a bushel or two. Now Robb Walsh shows you one of the best ways to use them: in a peach pie.

It's So Dericious: Last week, Mai Pham reported that pastry chef extraordinaire Chris Leung was back in the saddle once again, creating fantastic desserts at Kata Robata. Now the chef himself is back writing on his blog about what it means to be in a restaurant once again.

Chili Bob's Houston Eats: Bruce made it out to one of my current favorite food trucks, Bare Bowls, to see what all the "simple, local, farm-fresh" fuss was about. What he found is the reasons I love James Ashley's cooking so much: spices that Ashley toasts and blends himself along with very simply adorned vegetables that are allowed to shine.

The Woodlands Eats: You know a place isn't going to offer run-of-the-mill Tex-Mex when it brings out vegetable crudités instead of chips and salsa. That's what TWE found when they visited Patio's Latin Cuisine in The Colonnade of The Woodlands, and also found themselves enjoying such diverse entrées as pollo ranchero enchiladas with plantains and King Ranch lasagna.

Hank on Food: Finally, we wrap up this week with a terrifically fun post from Professor Hank on redeeming all the birthday freebies that various restaurants and bars offer around town.

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