This Week in Food Blogs: Saying Hola to hOla

Dallas Observer: Last week's cover story at our sister paper in Dallas chronicled the resurgence of craft breweries in the Dallas-Fort Worth metroplex. "Free from the hangover of the '90s craft beer bust," writes Lauren Drewes Daniels, "Dallas' small brewers cheer another round of growth." Anyone who's tasted Deep Ellum's Wealth & Taste will certainly join in that cheer.

L'histoire de Sa Vie: Speaking of new brews, Nathan Miller writes about his recent experiences taste-testing through some of the upcoming breweries that are about to hit Houston's craft scene. A recent open-house event at downtown's Kitchen Incubator showcased such up-and-comers as TBD Brewing, Down Easy, 28th Day Brewery and Warlocks Brewpub -- fitting, as Kitchen Incubator is about to become a Brewery Incubator as well.

Eater Houston: In restaurant news, Eater Houston has a look inside the brand-new Etoile Cuisine et Bar in Uptown Park.

Commercial Free Cocktail: "Of the elements in a cocktail (spirit, sugar, bitters, water) sugar is frequently given the least attention," writes Alex Gregg, "to the point that we often take it for granted when working at our bars." Gregg doesn't take sugar for granted, though, devoting an entire post to everything he learned about sugar from this year's Tales of the Cocktail series in New Orleans.

29-95: Writing once again for 29-95 after a long hiatus, Joanne Witt has a look at a new South American chicken spot, hOla, that defies pigeonholing. "Owner Jerry Mancuso, who is also the owner of Mancuso's Italian Table, told me that he hired several Latino chefs and asked them for their best "home-style" family recipes," writes Witt. "It is those recipes that are featured on hOla's menu and, based on my first sampling, there are several home runs."

H-Town Chow Down: Lastly this week, take a trip down memory lane along with Albert Nurick. He's uncovered an old YouTube video I hadn't seen in years, a video that is a dizzying, black-and-white trip through Houston's favorite restaurants of the 1960s.

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