This Week in Food Blogs: Thank You, Houston -- and the Czechs -- for Kolaches

NYT: The New York Times featured Morgan Weber and Ryan Pera of Revival Market and their sweet and savory kolaches. We sure do love kolaches in Houston, especially ones from an inventive baker like Pera, who creates them with satsuma oranges, strawberries and ricotta cheese, and sausages poached in local beer. The article also mentions other Houston kolache restaurants, such as Kolache Factory, Kolache Mama and Christy's Donuts.

Houston Food Truck Reviews: While we just this week ranked our top 10 burgers in Houston, David Sarkozi and his wife headed to Gastro Punk to split the truck's namesake burger, the Gastro Punk Burger, which has two grilled-cheese sandwiches as its bun. Smart decision on their part to split it. The two cheese sandwiches encase a buffalo meat patty, wild boar bacon, caramelized onions, and tamarind barbecue and rémoulade sauces. It's no wonder the couple tells future eaters of this behemoth of a burger that they should expect to get messy.

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Molly Dunn
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