This Week In Food Blogs: The End of Cheap Food?

The Village Voice: One of the highlights of my recent trip to D.C. was getting to watch the announcement of the brand-new American Chef Corps live at the State Department. Robert Sietsema at the Village Voice has more on what the so-called Diplomatic Culinary Partnership entails, while Eater has the full lineup of all 50 current chefs (although more are expected to be added in the future). Said Secretary of State Hillary Clinton in a video address to the crowd that night:

Food isn't traditionally thought of as a diplomatic tool, but I think it's the oldest diplomatic tool. Sharing a meal can help people transcend boundaries and build bridges in a way that nothing else can.

The Guardian: "The era of cheap food may be over," warns The Guardian in a sober article detailing the end of inexpensive petroleum, the failure of biofuels to maintain costs, the $14 billion-worth of natural disasters that have struck America and destroyed crops, and the growing worldwide demand for more meat. How will modern, industrial-scale agriculture cope with all of these pressures? Likely with even more intensive farming, although The Guardian warns that a change in eating habits will be the long-term key.

Houston Chronicle: The editorial board at the daily has finally come out in support of the city's food trucks, calling Houston's regulations "dumb rules" and exhorting, "Pay attention, Council: It's time to set our taco trucks and cupcake-mobiles free."

Commercial Free Cocktail: As the everything-old-is-new-again classic cocktail movement continues to grow and gain in popularity, local bartender Alex Gregg wonders if some folks aren't in the industry for the wrong reasons: "The sort of punk rock ethos that defined the craft cocktail movement when I jumped on has now signed to a major label," he writes. His indictment continues:

I see a great many bartenders these days who are not focused on mastering the classics at all, but who have the fancy Japanese bar spoons, and cool branded doctor bags filled with more branded swag. The focus has shifted from being great at your job, to trying to be a celebrity.

H-Town Chow Down: Citing such success stories as Capri and CorkScrew BBQ as examples of how The Woodlands and Spring are coming into their own as dining destinations, Albert Nurick spotlights one of the area's brightest points: Hubbell & Hudson's bistro, calling it "a high end, chef driven restaurant, scouring the earth for amazing ingredients, and putting together unique creations."

Robb Walsh: Finally, take these Indonesian-inspired deviled eggs to your next tailgating party. "The egg yolk filling is seasoned with Indonesian sambal, Squid brand fish sauce, chopped green onions, anchovy paste and Thai chiles," Walsh writes. And they're sure to "rock your cocktail party."

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Katharine Shilcutt