This Week in Food Blogs: The Science of Baking Bread

CultureMap: I had a very nice cup of juice at Roots Juice several weeks back and always noticed a good crowd at the spot when I drove by, so it came as a bit of a surprise to read Whitney Radley's report that Roots Juice has closed. The space itself may be gone, but Radley says the juices are "now on the menu next door at Roots Bistro, which first launched lunch service just two weeks ago."

Robb Walsh: In this latest series of posts on ramen, Robb Walsh tests out the two styles of ramen served at Soma Sushi in anticipation of Goro & Gun's opening (which is scheduled for later this week). Interesting side note: Goro & Gun's noodle recipe was based off the one used by Jason Hauck, the previous chef at Soma.

Jack Tyler Dines: If yesterday's guide to Indian cuisine inspired you to try something new, Jack Tyler has a list of the 10 most adventurous dishes you can try right here in Houston from goat brains to grasshoppers.

Science Based Cuisine: Ever wondered why exactly bread browns in the oven? Or how to make your crust chewy like a pretzel instead of crunchy? Dr. Ricky breaks down the science behind baking in simple, accessible terms that will make you want to head into the kitchen and start some experiments of your own.

Patty & David Said: There's a new food truck in town -- and it serves ramen, too. Musubi has been hitting spots like Inversion, The Boneyard and Khon's dishing up ramen, Spam musubi and more. Lindy reports that she was disappointed by the ramen but is looking forward to trying the truck's banh mi another time.

29-95: Syd Kearney has answered a lot of whiny letters in her days of writing the Whine & Dine column, although some readers have noticed there are fewer whines than usual. Kearney notes that it's because people may finally be learning that they'll get a better response when dealing with the restaurant or management directly rather than whining in public.

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Join the Press community and help support independent local journalism in Houston.