This Week in Food Blogs: Trendy Toast & Vegan Bibimbap Bowls

The New Yorker: Toast is something anyone can make. But, it might be one of the newest food trends. Hannah Goldfield explains that this trend of restaurants serving "artisanal toast" began in San Francisco. Although some believe that it is a joke for chefs to create dishes like avocado toast and have them be seen as gourmet, Goldfield suggests that it is a reflection of our society's obsession with food.

Andrew Zimmern's Kitchen Adventure: Speaking of toast, Andrew Zimmern shared his recipe for soft-scrambled egg toasts with Bottarga (salted and cured fish roe). He suggests making this dish for breakfast or for a midnight snack -- substitute duck eggs for regular chicken eggs if you have the option.

Hannah's Gluten Free Adventure: If you're gluten-intolerant, don't fret, you can still have macarons. This week, Hannah shares Martha Stewart's recipe for the French sweets. She filled half of her macarons with a raspberry jam and the other half with cinnamon honey, which is essentially a whipped combination of honey and ground cinnamon.

The Pancake Princess: Get ready for beach-bod season by making a bibimbap bowl full of vegetables, tofu and brown rice. Erika shares her own recipe for a vegan bibimbap-inspired bowl (it doesn't take as long to make as a traditional bibimbap bowl). She pickles carrots and daikon, then adds them to a bowl of brown rice, pan-fried tofu, sauteed kale and sliced cucumber, avocado, red bell pepper and red cabbage.

Urban Swank: Shanna Jones of Urban Swank visited Morton's The Steakhouse and ordered dishes from the Morton's Prime Lunch menu, which includes a choice of soup or salad, one entree and one dessert for $29. Because she couldn't pass up the lobster bisque, she started off her lunch with the creamy soup, then moved on to the baked crabmeat-stuffed jumbo shrimp served with Parmesan capellini. Jones capped it all off with the luscious double chocolate mousse.

Houston Food Truck Reviews: This week, David Sarkozi tasted the pulled pork torta from Los Tacos Hermanos food truck. The bolillo roll is stuffed with a cilantro aioli, lettuce, tomatoes, onions, white cheddar, queso fresco and smoked pulled pork. Sarkozi says it is one of the best food truck deals in Houston.

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Join the Press community and help support independent local journalism in Houston.