This Week in Food Blogs: Valentine's Day Treats & More Italian Wine, Please

The Pancake Princess: Whether you're celebrating Valentine's Day with someone special or you're just spending the evening by yourself, you can't go wrong by making a giant red velvet cake. Erika has a recipe for a single slice of Red Velvet layer cake, and it's vegan! Minus the Greek yogurt frosting. To make the layered cake, bake one round cake, slice into six wedges, then stack and assemble with frosting.

H-Town Chow Down: Try something different at Becks Prime and order the new banh mi sandwich. H-Town Chow Down tasted the new sandwich from The Woodlands location and enjoyed it, despite the fact that it's quite different from the original. Unlike normal banh mi sandwiches, Becks Prime's version uses the traditional Becks Prime egg bun instead of French bread, and sliced pork sirloin is used instead of the fattier pork. Becks Prime also has another new pork sandwich, the Hickory Prime Pork, which features pickles, onions and barbecue sauce.

Hank On Food: This week, Hank will be doing profiles on Valentine's Day offerings throughout Houston. In this post, he takes a look at the sweets and treats from Three Brothers Bakery. Last week, we talked about the anti-Valentine's Day desserts from the bakery, but Hank showcases the nice, lovey-dovey treats you can buy as well, such as pink, red and white iced heart-shaped sugar cookies, petit fours with messages saying, "I Love U," and giant cupcakes with pink hearts.

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Reuters: More people are buying Italian wines, and they aren't Italians. In fact, this Reuters article states that Italian wines "are the top imported wine in the United States, which is the world's largest consumer market." People born in the 1980s and later (millennials) are the driving force behind the increase in Italian wine sales. Sweet, sparkling wines, for example Prosecco, are the ones consumers are buying, followed by Moscato.

Patty and David Said...: Sometimes you stumble upon awesome restaurants, just as Patty and David did last week. After enjoying sushi at Sushi King, they found Oui Desserts, a French bakery currently in the soft-opening stage. While Oui Desserts currently offers only four macaron flavors (chocolate, vanilla, coffee and raspberry), Patty and David enjoyed the chocolate and vanilla, noting that the shells from these macarons gently cracked as soon they took their first bite. And they are $1.50 each.

Lover.ly: Tired of the same old same old when it comes to Valentine's Day desserts? Well, try these cereal-topped donuts from Lover.ly. Either purchase plain cake donuts or make them yourself (this post includes a cake donut recipe), then pour the vanilla glaze on top, followed by a sprinkling of your cereal of choice; they suggest Fruity Pebbles, Cap'n Crunch and Reese's Puffs.

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