This Week In Food Blogs: Virgin Kitchens and Uninformed Morons

Dallas Observer: Although Anthony Bourdain is the most famous recent convert to Texas barbecue, Gavin Cleaver of the Dallas Observer (our sister paper) recounts his own love story with smoke and brisket in this week's feature story: "An Englishman in BBQ Sauce."

City of Ate: In this second of this week's links from the Metroplex, Nick Rallo has an excellent list at City of Ate of the 10 worst trends in fast food from 2012. May the hot dog-stuffed pizza die a quick and painful death.

The Virgin Kitchen: Houston has another new food blog, this one from my old friend and fellow Houstonist cast-away Monica Danna -- but Monica isn't interested in writing up restaurants or showcasing her cooking skills. Instead, the Virgin Kitchen chronicles her adventures in finally learning how to cook (with a wonky, three burner stove, no less) in her 30s.

29-95: Still reeling over news that Feast is closing? Alison Cook at the Chronicle gives her own suggestions as to why the city is losing the nose-to-tail restaurant -- as do the 29-95 commenters. Everything from a poor parking situation to the influx of "'hipster' and counter culture types" is blamed in the comments section, which gets progressively more amusing and nonsensical as you go.

Downtown: Former EOW contributor and Eater Houston editor Amber Ambrose has been a busy lady. When she's not writing for GQ, she's putting together incredibly detailed and useful guides for downtown diners. Although you can view her work online, the guide itself is best appreciated in person -- so pick up a copy of Downtown when you see it.

City Pages: Closing with the LOLs of the week, City Pages (our sister paper in Minneapolis) excerpts a few of Andrew Zimmern's best Yelp bashes from his recent podcast, Go Fork Yourself. Our favorite quotes: "Yelp is on my shit list!" and "[Yelp is a] tremendous forum for a bunch of uninformed morons."

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