This Week in Food Blogs: Where Does a Cameroonian Fish Restaurant Hide in Houston?

Cookmundo: Former EOW contributor John Kiely has a blog of his own, Cookmundo, and it's our featured food blog this week. I love the tagline: "Simple awesome food for the new cook," which also means you know what to expect out of Kiely's posts. Amateur cooks, let Kiely be your friendly guide to cooking the perfect pot of rice, steaming the perfect pan of broccoli or making the perfect buttermilk pancakes.

Eater Houston: Eater has been busy making with the maps lately, including two very useful new additions to its site: 12 Restaurants Worth Leaving the Beltway For (and I agree on all 12 counts) and 13 Great Places for Hot Dogs.

CultureMap: Speaking of restaurants outside the Beltway, Sarah Rufca hit Alma Cebiche & Bar for a recent media tasting of chef David Guerrero's new dishes. While she was enthusiastic about his cebiches and tiraditos, Rufca was wary of the overall menu, which she believes may be too ambitious and pricey for the area.

Chili Bob's Houston Eats: The recent Silk Road Festival in Stafford was a big hit for Bruce, who was excited to try "the culture, music and cuisine of six countries -- Azerbaijan, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Turkey, Turkmenistan and Uzbekistan." Photos of his enviable culinary tour through Central Asia make me wish I'd been able to attend.

Oxford American: Former EOW contributor Nikki Metzgar has been writing some strong material for Oxford American lately, with a story about finding a hidden Cameroonian fish restaurant in a residential home as her latest tale that will make you proud to live and eat in Houston.

29-95: Last but not least, last Friday's Burger Friday post from Alison Cook found her at The Refinery, a new icehouse that straddles a gray zone between downtown and Midtown. But while she liked the decor, she was less than impressed with the burgers, giving them a C grade and writing of them: "Good patty, well cooked, but subverted by a failure of conviction and balance on the chili-cheeseburger sandwich level."

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Katharine Shilcutt