This Week In Food Blogs: Why Some BBQ Lists Are Suspect and Gordon Ramsey

29-95: Can a national media outlet really name the "top" restaurants across the country without putting in the legwork that people such as barbecue blogger Daniel Vaughn do, driving over 10,000 miles to visit 'cue joints for his book Prophets of Smoked Meat? That's the question Syd Kearney asks in a post that addresses "why some barbecue 'best of' lists are suspect."

Chow Bella: You may remember a story out of Arizona three years ago in which a bakery owner -- quickly nicknamed "Crazy Amy" for reasons which will be made clear in a moment -- went on an Internet rage spree after receiving a negative Yelp review of her business, Amy's Baking Company. Owner Amy Bouzaglo is in the news again, this time with husband Samy, after appearing on a recently-aired episode of Gordon Ramsey's Kitchen Nightmares. After deciding that Amy's Baking Company was too far gone to save, Ramsey quit -- the first time he's ever done so -- and left the Bouzaglos to rage harder against the Internet than ever before, mostly on their very own business Facebook page. Caution: Caps lock ahead.

CultureMap: While Houston's visitors bureau is busy promoting the city's food and dining scene, some restaurants are doing their part to cross-promote our vibrant performing arts scene. "Local restaurants and arts organizations are seeing the benefit of teaming up," reports Marene Gustin in CultureMap. "Just last month Triniti hosted its third Mercury fundraising dinner where chef Ryan Hildebrand paired courses to music selections played by the chamber orchestra."

Eater Houston: If you're feeling like being a little supportive too, check out Caveman Chow. It's a proposed Paleo-friendly food truck that's trying to raise funds via Kickstarter. Eater Houston has more.

Examiner: If there's one thing Examiner writer Mike Riccetti knows, it's good Italian food. In his latest post, Riccetti takes a look at Houston's best "red sauce" restaurants, the ones which "grew out of that Italian-American tradition and still proudly feature some kind of tomato sauce in a number of their dishes."

Guns and Tacos: Finally, if you've had one too many and need to call a cab this weekend, a reminder from Guns and Tacos blogger Jay Rascoe that there is no finer ride in town than Kidd the Great and his Ghetto Fab Cab. (Except possibly the Fiesta Cab that's a vintage convertible low-rider. But it doesn't have karaoke.)

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