This Week in Houston Food Blogs: A Big Dining Week for Bloggers

Local food bloggers have really been getting out and about to restaurants all over town and writing about their experiences. This Week In Houston Food Blogs is almost an all-restaurant edition but there’s a Southern biscuit recipe that home bakers will want to try, too. Take a look and start making dining plans of your own.

Turquoise Grill at 3701 Kirby is in a tucked away, easy spot to miss. Urban Swank didn’t miss it, though, and Joanna O’Leary loved that it not only has Mediterranean food but also riffs on classic American fare for the picky eaters in the party, like cold cut sandwiches, fried shrimp and Philly cheesesteak. Of course, there’s plenty of traditional food, too, like baba ghanoush, hummus, tabouli, various kebab platters and gyro sandwiches. O’Leary loved the sigara boregi (cylinders of phyllo dough stuffed with feta and herbs), the manti (Turkish dumpling with ground beef) and the sultan beyti kebab.

Chili Bob was excited to try Burmese food at Kaung Kaung San at 5757 Ranchester. He says the tea leaf salad alone is reason enough to go. It’s a mix of crispy, fried peanuts, pickled or brined tea leaves, tomato, shredded cabbage, ginger and garlic. He alo enjoyed the whole steamed fish, which turned out to be two whole tilapia in a lime broth with Chinese celery, cilantro, ginger and lemon grass. Those were just a few of the dishes he enjoyed and he’s found Kaung Kaung San to be a very worthwhile addition to Houston’s dining scene. Be sure to check out the full post.

Tag Sale Tastes finds a place that is competing for their affections for Vietnamese food near downtown: Thien An in their new facility at 2611 San Jacinto. There’s a big parking lot (which is really helpful in Midtown), “clean, fresh-tasting” ph?, bargain-priced banh mi and banh xeo stuffed with pork, shrimp, onions and bean sprouts. What’s not to like? Service is fast, although the line can get long at the cash register when it’s time to check out.

Who doesn’t need a good biscuit recipe? There’s been argument on what the best way is to incorporate the butter for as long as there have been Southern cooks. The prevalent thinking is that the butter when it is cut into the flour. Jed Portman of Garden & Gun meets a baker who goes against tradition, with good results

It’s not a good week without a good burger, and Russell Weil at Eat More Burgers found one. It’s at Witchcraft Tavern & Provision Co. at 1221 West 11th in the Heights. It’s called the Stilton Burger, because it is topped with Stilton cheese, of course, in this case Stilton with blueberries). To complete, candied bacon, sautéed mushrooms and balsamic onion. It’s a beautiful, towering presentation atop a bakery bun. The fries are good, too.

That’s it for "This Week In Houston Food Blogs." If you know of a blog that you think should be featured here, leave a comment below or send us an email. See you next week! 

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