This Week in Houston Food Blogs: A State of Happiness

This week, we've got some bloggers' lunch suggestions, plus a first look at a newly revised restaurant and a few dessert recipes to satisfy your sweet tooth.

Revelry on Richmond, 1613 Richmond, just started serving lunch, and Gristle & Gossip thinks that you deserve to hear all about it. She adored the "Hot Chick," a grilled chicken sandwich served burger-style with pickled onions, arugula and beefsteak tomato, and the specialty cocktails, inspired by the bar staff, were top-notch. She swears that the eatery's lunch is going to be a popular weekday stop very soon.

If you're looking for lunch in downtown proper, Anastasia of It's Not Hou It's Me suggests that you try Bovine & Barley, 416 Main, whose oddball lunch menu looks a lot like a brunch menu. Her top picks are the tater tot skillet topped with cheese and eggs and the "Bovine Cheese Melt," a stylized grilled cheese that contains brisket-stuffed cheese sticks and is served with traditional tomato soup. If you're feeling even more out of the box, she suggests that you try the "Croissaffle," a hybrid croissant-waffle filled with cheese and topped with queso and strawberry pico de gallo

When was the last time you made barbecued pork steak? If the answer is "Never," then have no fear; Daniel Vaughn of the Texas Monthly TM BBQ blog tracked down a serious pork steak recipe from Tootsie Tomanetz of Snow's BBQ in Lexington, which includes rub instructions, cooking tips and Tomanetz's signature "Mop Sauce," a blend of water, onions, butter, vinegar, Worcestershire sauce and dry mustard. Don't worry if you don't have a cinder block pit in the backyard like they've got at Snow's; you can just make the pork steaks over charcoal at home.

Hank on Food recently got a chance to try Lee Ellis's newest venture, State Fare, which just took over Pour Society at 947 Gessner. The snacks and apps were just right, including original and barbecue house-made chips and a wide variety of dips for them, including black bean and bacon, dill pickle and jalapeño onion. Even better were the craft cocktails, such as the apricot old-fashioned and the "Garden Variety" with lemongrass, cucumber and Thai chile-infused vodka. The crown jewels of the experience, however, were the shrimp and grits, plus the oysters, which were roasted and topped with melted provolone, sweet red pepper and bourbon butter. To be honest, we haven't seen Hank this excited about a restaurant in a long time, so it's "fare" to say that you should probably get over to Ellis's restaurant ASAP.

Erika, A.K.A. The Pancake Princess, shared a recipe this week for a delectable-looking Momofuku strawberry lemon cake, which uses layers of cake, cheesecake, strawberry frosting, lemon curd and graham cracker crumbs to make an impressive final product. It's more of a special-occasion dessert than a weeknight offering, but hey, there are plenty of wedding showers, baby showers and other classy events this time of year, so we're sure you'll find an excuse to bake it. 

However, if you are looking for a simpler dessert option, and you've got an ice-cream maker, Alyssa at Sugar & Cloth can't get enough of this cilantro and mango sorbet that she created. It uses coconut milk to keep things on the healthier side, and the most difficult part is making the cilantro syrup, which basically just consists of heating up water and sugar, then adding cilantro. It would make an especially great dessert for a poolside fête, and it might be perfect with just a splash of an adult beverage thrown in, because it's practically summer, after all.

That's it for this week's look at Houston's food blogging scene! Did we forget your favorite blog? Leave us a comment or send us an email with all of your best-loved food blogs.
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Alexandra Doyle