Zagat posted a list of great fast-casual restaurants, including Local Foods; this is their ever-popular pork torta sandwich.
Zagat posted a list of great fast-casual restaurants, including Local Foods; this is their ever-popular pork torta sandwich.
Photo by Joanna O'Leary

This Week in Houston Food Blogs: Another Smokehouse Road Trip

This week, we've got recipes for gyros and biscuit bakes, plus reviews of a few very carnivore-friendly restaurants and some recommendations for your weekday lunches.

Check out this recipe for open-faced chicken sausage gyros from Bev at Bev Cooks; these gyros are more reminiscent of pizza than a sandwich, with hummus spread over naan and fresh veggies and herbs over the top. It's another easy and probably delicious recipe from Bev, whose recipes are always time-conscientious, plus there's some commentary on upcoming television shows thrown in there with Bev's usual stream-of-consciousness writing style.

The Republic Smokehouse and Saloon at 1910 Bagby treated Hank at Hank on Food to some new menu items, as well as a chance to meet operations manager Shawn Jones. Standout dishes were the buffalo fried shrimp, barbecue from pit master Cedric Williams and quail stuffed with apple sausage, while high-scoring cocktails included the Pink Delicious, a mixture of gin, St. Germaine, grapefruit juice and bitters, as well as the Indian Paintbrush, which has juices, syrup, rosemary and Chambord. Hank was completely awed by the Come and Take It, which is Garrison Brothers bourbon, allspice dram, orange zest and cherry.

Looking for a place to go on your next lunch break? Marcy de Luna of Zagat Houston put together a list of the eight hottest fast-casual chains in Houston, complete with photos, why each eatery made the list and a must-order menu item. If you haven't tried Torchy's Tacos at 2400 Times or Local Foods at 2555 Kirby yet, then this list is for you.

The Pancake Princess recommends this biscuit egg bake that's simple enough to fit into your morning routine and hearty enough to sustain you until lunch. It's a breakfast loaf made with biscuit dough and piled high with zucchini, spinach, tomatoes, eggs or whatever else you like in the morning, and she also tried it in individual muffin-sized pieces, although she found the loaf sized version more satisfying.

Southern creole eatery Harold's in the Heights, 350 West 19th, was quick to please The Hungry Rells with well-cooked food and fast service. Tarel recommends that you bring a bath towel to wipe your hands on if you get the burger because of all the juice. He also enjoyed the Grandma's Cake, which he describes as a sort of coconut tres leches.

Scott of the Texas Pit Quest blog went on another barbecue road trip recently and visited eight barbecue joints in central Texas around Austin. Every single barbecue joint had excellent fare, including one mystery stop to a friend's new (and as of yet undisclosed) barbecue enterprise. If you'll be anywhere near Austin soon, you should make an effort to find at least one of these places on the way.

That's it for This Week in Houston Food Blogs! If you know of a blog that you'd like to see featured, leave us a comment or send us an email.

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