This Week in Houston Food Blogs: Blogging on Bramble and SaltAir

There have been a lot of exciting things happening lately in the Houston restaurant scene, and these bloggers haven't missed a beat! We'll see what they have to say about both Bramble and SaltAir, as well as some other eatery reviews and fun summer recipes.

Tarel of The Hungry Rells tried Dak & Bop, 1801 Binz, for the Korean fried chicken and fell in love with the loaded Kimchi fries along the way. He says he's quite picky about wings, but the varieties he tried, soy garlic and Sriracha honey lime, were cooked to perfection and had a great balance of sweetness and spiciness. It was a bit crowded, so he cautions potential eaters to be wary of rush hour times for both dining and parking.

We just couldn't resist sharing the Houston Fed's first look at Bramble, 2231 South Voss; it's a small dining space filled with wood and an ambience that lends itself well to easy dinner conversation. The restaurant has a seasonal, ever-changing menu, and the writer was impressed by his server's knowledge and excitement about that menu, even though the restaurant had only opened five days prior. His favorite dish of the night was the teres major, a shoulder-cut of beef that was served with fingerling potatoes and beets. 

Thank goodness for this Asian beef burger recipe from Bev at Bev Cooks. It's one of those recipes that calls for mixing everything together and cooking it, which is perfect for these overly hot days where the thought of slaving away in the kitchen can be cringe-worthy. These burgers have cilantro, ginger, garlic and panko breadcrumbs right in the burger, plus a similarly-flavored mushroom topping. Bev swears by the panko in the burgers, and we believe her!

SaltAir Seafood Kitchen at 3029 Kirby is finally open, and Zagat Houston's Marcy de Luna went to check it out. The dining room has a beachy feel, with lots of white and wicker, a sunroom and a raw bar. Daily specials comprise about a third of the menu, and there are many raw offerings. The restaurant combines traditional seafood fare with unusual spices and preparations; for example, there's a red fish with Moroccan spices and couscous tabbouleah. SaltAir also has an extensive wine list and creative cocktails.

Felice Sloan of Urban Swank went to Fluff Bake Bar, 314 Gray, and let her sweet tooth have a heyday with the Sugar Fairy's confections. She particularly liked the couch potato cookies, which have pretzels, marshmallows, chocolate chips, corn flakes and, of course, potato chips. Check out the post for photos of the specials and the charcuterie plate, as well as a short video with some delicious close-ups.

As we near the dog days of August, you may find yourself yearning for a Blue Bell fruit popsicle. Of course, that's not an option, unless you've got a secret stash in your freezer, but The Pancake Princess has brought us this recipe for instant popsicles that might relieve that craving in a pinch. All you need are frozen fruits, milk, and honey!

That's it for This Week in Houston Food Blogs! If there's a blog you'd like to see featured here, leave us a comment or send us an email. Until next time!
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Alexandra Doyle