This Week in Houston Food Blogs: Brace Yourself, Pumpkin Spice Season Is Coming

Fall is just around the corner, and the bloggers are getting into the spirit already! Plus, we have a few more ideas for your last-minute Houston Restaurant Weeks outings.

It's almost time for the pumpkin spice takeover, and Nancy of Tag Sale Tastes has already posted a pumpkin ginger bread (not gingerbread) recipe for you to beat your friends to the punch. Even better, the recipe isn't overly complicated like many bread recipes; just mix it and bake it. Easy and very seasonally appropriate!

Joanna O'Leary, writing for Urban Swank, ducked into Polonia Restaurant, 1780 Blalock, for some hearty, authentic Polish food and was not disappointed. She recommends that you accept the burden of leftovers when you go and try an appetizer, soup, meal and dessert. Her highest recommendation went to the combination plate for two, which is essentially a small buffet of the best menu offerings, including kielbasa, duck legs, stuffed cabbage and more. 

If you've been curious about Caracol, the coastal Mexican restaurant at 2200 Post Oak, Kim of Adventures in a New(ish) City posted an extensive and very positive review of her dinner experience there. The drinks were well-made, including a martini shaken tableside, and grilled brussels sprouts with pesto were a hit. Vegetarian Kim was thrilled to find an extensive vegetarian menu, and, while the intent was to explore the HRW menu, the whole party was too sorely tempted by the standard menu options, which were all well-received.

Along with some self-help advice (and a little ranting), Nishta of Blue Jean Gourmet shared this coco,nut cardamom almond butter recipe that replicates a pre-made version that she can't find in Houston anywhere. It's a simple recipe, but note that a food processor is required. Toasted almonds and cardamom give this nut butter a special kick, and it's another perfect-for-fall option.

Lindy of the Patty and David Said blog visited Coppa Osteria at 5210 Morningside to take advantage of the HRW menu, which included a delicious burrata-stuffed risotto and addicting sauce. The Caesar salad with anchovies scored high marks, and the spaghetti carbonara is mixed tableside, which Lindy had with gluten-free pasta. She enjoyed her meal but thought that both the waitstaff and kitchen were a bit off their game, possibly because of the stress of HRW, and her experiences there have been better in the past.

Some people are obsessed with breakfast for dinner, but how about breakfast for dessert? Sugar & Cloth has these six recipes for breakfast-inspired sweets — ice cream donuts, fried egg cake, a birthday cake pancake stack, cupcakes that look like pancake stacks, brunch-like macaroons and Lucky Charms plus Rice Krispie treats! Up your brunch game with these Pinterest-worthy desserts.

That's all for This Week in Houston Food Blogs! Come back next week for more reviews, recipes and more. If there's a blog you'd like to see featured, leave us a comment or send us an email and we'll check it out!

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Alexandra Doyle