This Week in Houston Food Blogs: Braving the Unknown

Several Houston bloggers went out into the unknown of new or newish Houston restaurants to bring us back the scoop this week. Also, we've found an easy asparagus treat that's so easy a caveman could do it, plus some donut recipes that may be better left to experienced chefs, or at least those who are willing to give up and drive to the nearest Shipley's.

Coco Dijon didn't miss a beat and reviewed B&B Butchers and Restaurant at 1814 Washington even before we could. She describes the hosts and waiters as "knowledgable" and "kind" but "busy," so it sounds like the staff is still getting into the swing of things. She enjoyed a steak tartar, which she awarded four-and-a-half points out of five, but found a sirloin and filet mignon both disappointing and lacking in depth of flavor. B&B did earn points for ambience and an apparently delicious wedge salad, though!

North Italia at 1700 Post Oak Boulevard scored reasonably well with Dalida of the Brunch & Conversation blog, who, after two meals there, describes the decor of the chic restaurant with more excitement than she does the food. However, she liked the strozzapretti tossed with mushrooms, spinach and pine nuts reasonably well, as well as the ricotta gnocchi, whose braised beef short ribs left her hungry for more. After a Ducati to drink, which received high marks, she found the Kahlua-infused tiramisu good, but, of course, it could have used more Kahlua. 

Asparagus, gruyere and truffle oil? Oh, my! Morgan Jankovic of The Foodie Chef put together this recipe for truffled asparagus tarts that not only looks absolutely delicious but also really easy. Basically, you take a frozen puff pastry sheet, put cheese and asparagus on it, and bake it. It's way easier than pie! There's more nuance than that, though, so make sure you check out her recipe.

Kim at Adventures in a New(ish) City paid a visit to The Gorgeous Gael at 5555 Morningside in the village this week. She adored a meat and cheese board, as well as some fried pickles ("frickles"? Is that a term that people use now?), which she describes as ranking very highly "on a scale from one to Canyon Creek." She also ordered a black bean burger, which was a medium range "on a scale from one to Lowbrow," but the fries were an absolute hit. It sounds like she had a relatively awesome time soaking up some sun on the patio at the Gael!

In case you missed National Donut Day, the kind folks at Sugar and Cloth have put together a list of 10 Recipes and DIY's to Celebrate Donuts. Those of us who looked sadly at our Instagram feeds on June 5 with a tear in our eye and no donut in our stomachs can attempt to create some lovely floral donuts, a cake covered in donuts, strawberry shortcake donuts or even vegan donuts! Just do us a favor and try not to end up on one of those Pinterest fail lists... Or then again, maybe do. 

Two different bloggers took on Urban Eats at 3414 Washington this week. Hank at Hank on Food gave it straight A's, with A+ ratings for the duck lyon frites, the lemon meringue tartlet, and the friendliness of the staff. He was impressed by the dry goods downstairs and the presence (and mustache) of the Food & Beverage Director Jason Grigar. Erika Kwee at Urban Swank found a few minor culinary mistakes in her brunch, but left no less eager to return to the gastro-meets-comfort-food spot soon.

That's it for "This Week in Houston Food Blogs." If you have a favorite blog that you'd like to see here, leave a comment or send us an email. See you next week!
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Alexandra Doyle