This Week in Houston Food Blogs: Cupcakes and HRW Menus

This week, we've got reviews of two Houston Restaurant Weeks menus, a vegan pancake recipe and one not-so-great dining experience.

Cupcakes seem to be on everyone's mind lately, and Kim at Adventures in a New(ish) City is no different, despite her purported lack of a sweet tooth. She tried three cupcakes from 3 Brothers Bakery, 4606 Washington, and, while she enjoyed the red velvet one, her description of the strawberry cupcake is filled with capital letters and exclamation points — as in, Kim couldn't contain her excitement over the little pink treat.

It's fairly telling when every diner at a meal believes that his or her dish is the best on the table; the restaurant has advertised and executed its dishes well, and the diners have chosen just as well. Nancy of Tag Sale Tastes and her family explored the HRW menu at Caracol. 2200 Post Oak, this week and found that each person was in perfect harmony with his or her choice, be it a pork shank with sweet potato purée and tropical mole, a bone-in short rib with roasted tomato salsa and potatoes, or a pepper-rubbed and roasted cauliflower. 

Mein at 9630 Clarewood left Lindy of Patty and David Said pretty disappointed; she found the menu not truly Cantonese as advertised and the decor dark and uninteresting. The silver lining was a well-executed crispy egg noodle dish with meat and veggies, but the undercooked chicken of the salted fish and chicken fried rice created a fairly large cloud, as did the frozen coconut in the coconut water.

The Pancake Princess, afraid that she has a dairy allergy, has posted this recipe for whole wheat stuffed pancakes, and it's vegan-friendly. She says you can basically use any fruit, jam, nut butter or whatever else you'd like for the filling. Who knew that stuffed pancakes could be so easy, and so dairy-free?

Hank at Hank on Food had another great dining experience this week; this time, Lynn's Steakhouse at 955 1/2 North Dairy Ashford scored straight A's for its HRW menu, with one A- for speed. Hank thoroughly enjoyed the juicy bacon-wrapped quail, and his New York strip steak was cooked to perfection instead of overcooked, as that cut often is. As a bonus, they offered a small filet and fries for Hank's ten-year-old son, who thought it was "better than any burger he could think of" — high steak praise from a kid!

Finally, Tarel of The Hungry Rells paid a visit to Seasons 52 in CityCentre Plaza, 842 West Sam Houston Tollway North, where he went a little crazy over the crab, shrimp and spinach stuffed mushrooms (and who wouldn't!). Another standout was the chicken pesto flatbread, and Tarel's group was pleased with the entire healthy experience — especially the miniature dessert tower!

That's it for This Week in Houston Food Blogs! If you know of a blog that you'd like to see featured, leave us a comment or send us an email. See you next week for another food blog roundup!
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Alexandra Doyle